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One of my suitemates is sort of a no-show. I saw him during move-in, but then that was it. Ever since, he's been missing, with the door to his dorm standing open and the light off. (Trusting gentleman.) I don't know his name; I'm bad with names, and I'm even worse with the names of people I've seen exactly once and then never again. (I can't even say what he looks like.)

So I was trying to find the light switch for the bathroom when I heard a rather aggressive knocking on the suite door. It wasn't a gentle "tap" so much as a series of full-force "WHAM", which I suppose is reasonable if all of us were in our rooms (so we would be able to hear a suite knock through the distance and closed door). I wasn't, but our visitor had no way of knowing that. I'd seen her before- she'd dropped by my room earlier (along with a group of others), just to say "hi" and find out where everybody is.

She was looking for Andy, apparently one of my suitemates- the one who's been gone the whole time. She just told me she was "fucking pissed" at him and nothing more. She informed me that if he'd done the same thing to me, I'd be just as angry or even more so, but as she went into no more detail than this as to his unforgivable transgression I have no idea whether or not this statement is accurate.

She borrowed a pen and a post-it note, and left it on Andy's desk, since his door was open.

College is an interesting place.

Even more interesting was when Shannon, another of the group who greeted us, came in, asked if Nora had been here, and upon doing so noted that she was "drunk off her ass" and proceeded to remove the Post-It note.

I hope this isn't too much of an omen for the coming year. I like my dorm peaceful. But it never has been before, so I don't think I should expect it to be now!

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