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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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From the "I thought I had it bad" department:
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Those of you on my friends list may remember a post entitled "Parents."

I found that someone has it worse:

And to those not on my friends list, sorry. I only do addbacks if it was someone I was considering adding in the first place; perhaps later, but not right away.

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AAaaaaaaah! That would REAlly really suck!

Wow! That is just .. wow! Talk about no fun ..

Sounds like something that the most fundamentalist of Christians might do actually... though they might back down a little earlier than Tetris!

Yeah, Bust-A-Move is a bit far...

And I thought it was bad that my parents objected to Bomberman. (They still let me have it.)

What's wrong with a dude running around dropping bombs and killing himself over and over?


I take it you find the game rather difficult?

Which version of Bomberman, by the way? The only one I've got is Bomberman Tournament for the Game Boy /\dvance, as my parents won't let me have a console system.

Heh. It's not difficult, just amusing.

I have Super Bomberman for SNES and Bomberman64 for Nintendo 64. I played Wario Blast on Game Boy, which was essentially bomberman as well, just with Wario too.

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