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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Parked in a Muddhole
color cycle (slow)
So here I am in my nice new dorm room on the second floor of Park hall at Washington University! I have two computers, two monitors for the desktop computer, a headset plugged into the tablet (it's inconvenient to type in it the way it's set up... that voice recognition is some sort of miracle; I set up all my note sections for this semester entirely by voice command), so many books I can't easily fit them all in the shelf, three suitemates who seem as quiety and geeky as me, a huge common room, and a large penis drawn on the door by the past residents. (I suppose you can't have everything right.)

I'm exhausted and I smell funny for now, so I think I'll just shower and go to bed (the bed is really low and the matress is awful- I may ask for a replacement, it's like it has no springs at all- but when I'm this tired, I doubt I'll care) even though I haev a working Internet connection. I started moving in as soon as they opened at 8:30 AM, because I couldn't sleep last night anyway, and I figured that gave us a better chance of avoiding the crowds- and getting my Internet connection working before the registration system got overrun! IT worked, obviously.

But... uh, not much to say, just sleepy and tired. But I'm here!

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Congratulations on living in Park. That's the best living on the 40, right there. Perhaps even the best living on campus—it's a dead heat between Park and Millbrook 4. (With Rutledge-style dorms coming in third.)

Welcome. I'd ask for a mattress and a can of paint--I don't think the dorm management is likely to object to your painting over graffiti, even if it weren't explicitly sexual.

Wash. U. is incredibly paternalistic. They'd never let him do the painting himself. ;)

That and it's a plain wood door- paint would be out-of-place. Actually, the door has visibly had the fuck beaten out of it (or drawn onto it, as the case may be) through years of less-than-gentle usage, so I'll just say it's in "unsatisfactory" condition on my room condition sheet, take a picture, and leave it at that.

Sounds like you've got a nice setup as far as living arrangements and suitemates goes. (Yay for assemblages, even accidental ones, of geeks!)

I'm sure that if you tell ResLife about your door's ... "decoration" ... that they'll take care of it. That or you could just have someone hang a poster over it.

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