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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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And that was that
airbrushed, thoughtful
There goes my last day of work. I've handed my badge in, taken back my keyboard and mouse (I didn't like the ones I was issued and they were out of spare better keyboards. played a last few games of Halo 2 with my boss, and said my goodbyes. I've collected a "Windows" duffel bag, a "Core Engineering- Tools Division" jacket (a really nice jacket), and a general set of adapters to connect popular cell phones to a USB port for charging purposes. (No cell phone I own, unfortunately.) I gave two presentations (one of which I wasn't expecting to do).

My supervisor's supervisor told me that the work I did has laid the groundwork for the team's primary push for the next six months, and I had it much more complete and ready much sooner than they expected. Specifications documents I wrote will become direct policy for over 275 people. My supervisor's supervisor's supervisor told me that I am exactly what he is looking for in an employee and he wants to hire me... and he is the man who makes the final decision on hiring.

I finished my project. I'll miss the people, but I don't feel like I've left things incomplete- things are at a logical stopping point for the next people to pick them up.

The door shut behind me, but I don't think the end of this internship was really the last anything... I proved that I can do a very effective job working and living in almost the real world, and I'd say I'm ready. I'm going to graduate college first, of course, but I know now that I'm really ready and I can really do this- and every indication is that I've got a job all lined up, too.

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This is Starblade. I'd like to talk to you sometime over AIM and such. Unfortunately I either don't have your SN or you're not on.

I have not had time to be available online for a while.

That's just awesome! I can directly attribute no less than 4 jobs to my internship at a small manufacturing company between my junior and senior years.

*sniff* they grow up so fast.

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