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Okay, onto plan B

So as I said yesterday, my parents don't want me to use an airplane. I absolutely did not want to ride with them in a car for four days. Well, a compromise was reached, and instead of leaving on an airplane at 7:09 AM in a week, I'll be leaving on an Amtrak train at 4:50 PM next Wednesday. Less security mayhem, and I don't have to spend four days in a car with my parents. I do have to spend two and a half days in a train with total strangers and sleeping in a chair, but that's preferable to me...

Also, from my interview yesterday, I'm certain I'm hired. I was interviewed by the head of the department, the man in charge of the hiring decision; he told me, at the end of it, that I was exactly what he was looking for and he hopes to see me back. There's no official word yet, of course (that's scheduled for Monday), but I'd say my odds are good.

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