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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Oh FUCK no
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Y'see, all this stuff about five-hour airport security and my having to overnight ship my electronic gear home rather than take it on the airplane doesn't bother me. (And that last one is for international flights anyway.)

My parents declaring that they are going to drive me home, which involves being in a car with my parents for four fucking days straight, bothers me greatly. I'm trying to talk them out of it. They may be right, if airport restrictions get worse; they're convinced that my flight will be grounded mid-air and I'll be forced to land somewhere in the middle and then I'll be stranded. Quite frankly, I don't think the odds are as bad as they seem to think, and four days straight in a car with my parents probably gives me the lowest chance of survival of any of the options.

Any suggestions for how I can talk my parents out of this, or perhaps flat-out override them?

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Amtrak. I'm looking at Amtrak for going to Houston in October. Yes, they go to Seattle. Yes, they come to St. Louis.

I want to do the SEA-STL trip on Amtrak next April.

It looks like I can get from Seattle to St. Louis in two and a half days for about $350 plus the cost of bike rack use (which solves a big shipping headache). My parents are okay with the idea; it's cheaper, faster, and more comfortable than four days in a car. I think we have a solution!

Your parents seem real tough, I honestly am not sure how you can talk them out of the four day drive in a logical way.

Four days in the car with parents? Honestly, killing yourself might be the surest way to avoid that. Walking home would be an option, but there's the risk they would see you along the side of the road. Hope that the airlines cut people a bit more slack so you can avoid the situation... :\

Although it seems that you have a solution, I don't see why you can't just "override" their commands by the fact that you're obviously self-sufficent. If I was you, I'd already have said(possibly literally) "Look, do me and yourself a favor and fuck off already, please".

But then, you seem to have a bit more self-control and paitence than I do.

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