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"Fix", the other "F" word

So I've been busy recently.

This is my last week of work. Tomorrow is my interview to retain the position I had; Friday is my final presentation to the VP in charge of COSD internships, then my team is taking me out to lunch. I'll actually have a full week between finishing work and going home- that gives me time to pack up my stuff and figure out how to get it sent home, but I've also got plans to use the intern shuttle that's intended to take interns to work just to go to Overlake Transit Center and then spend all day exploring the city bus system (with a careful eye on the clock to make sure I can get back to Overlake before the last shuttle leaves). That might give me a way to end-run around how bad the local bus service out in Sammamish is...

Anyway, yesterday was a frantic ten-hour day. Today is my presentation to the head of the product group I'm in (two levels above my manager), and yesterday, I discovered a showstopper of a bug. I tried to fix it, but I had to go leave to catch the last shuttle to my apartment before I could fix it. Instead, what I managed to prove was that my first "fix" actually exacerbated the problem. But now the failure is so reliable, predictable, and isolated to about three lines, I'm getting convinced that this isn't my bug, but I found something wrong with the .NET Runtime Environment.

At least I was already planning on coming in early this morning since I have my interview at 8:30 AM tomorrow (and I needed to fix my sleep schedule for that). I've got until 5:00 before my demonstration to Siva, and I either have to fix my bug by then or prove that it's .NET, with enough documentation for anybody to replicate it and the .NET team to fix it.

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