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Seen on Magic: The Gathering Online

In related news, the random number generator hates me. I played a game of 9th Edition Draft and I drafted a good deck, blue and green heavy control. (I know, 9th edition is for n00bs, but I'm a n00b at draft and RAV-GPT-DIS draft requires a level of 1337ness I don't have.) Green provided the muscle; blue had flyers, two Boomerangs, two Mana Leaks, and Telepathy- Green sported a Creeping Mold and a (shiny!) Naturalize. The deck is better than it sounds.

I had a 42-card deck (my preferred number for drafts; 40 is typical, but I just like 42, and it's got a minor strategic advantage); 14 cards were basic land, 7 and 7 of forests and islands. First game, I got four Forests before I ever saw an Island. I got my Utopia Tree early on, however, so it was a reasonably close game; my opponent's incredibly bad mana curve allowed her to win when I didn't draw my creatures at all to do early damage and her three Craw Wurms plus a Scaled Wurm (yes, the eight-mana one) did me in. Second game? No islands at all. Not a one. I never saw one in nine turns, which was how long it took her to do me in with her Kami of Old Stone and two Craw Wurms.

She was playing badly with an unbalanced deck; I should have won easily, but luck has defeated me! It really sucked becuase it was a 4-3-2-2 draft; winning even one game would have netted me two booster packs; without winning a match (8-player draft is single elim), I lose my $2 stake (from which the booster pack prizes are purchased). On the flip side, I drafted seriously awesome cards, much better than I would have gotten from just opening the packs- I did a few "hey, this card would be awesome in one of my other deck" pulls when there was nothing else in the pack, and one raredraft for a really kick-ass rare.

I guess that's the real advantage of a draft: with less randomnes, it's like implicit trading and everybody gets cards they're happier with because they're already building them into a playable deck.

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