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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Sometimes, the snippet is enough
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So taking a short break from a really productive day of work, I decided to head for http://www.bash.org and hit the Random button a few times. It came up with this little gem, giving a spam subject line worthy of http://www.spamusement.com: "GROW 3 INCHES                OF CHEST HAIR"

In my usual random way, I decided it would be amusing to do a Google search for "GROW 3 INCHES OF CHEST HAIR", including the quotes. Perhaps surprisingly, I only got one result.

I didn't click the link to the result. Just the exerpt from the page was enough. For some reason, it seemed to me like some form of therianthropy gone horribly, horribly wrong:
TAC Innsendt av: Maja, 24/09 - 2004 kl. 16:37 hi! :D
I was just ...oh man, it's called the teen wolf experience. it's where i do a backflip and when i am upside down i grow 3 inches of chest hair boyah! Hilsen Shaun White ...

The Internet is like that?

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(Deleted comment)
Sadly it doesn't meet the googlewhack criteria of being two words, not in quotes :)

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