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Monkeyboy's Lose-Lose Situation
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So predictably, President Botch vetoed the bill to fund stem-cell research. From my perspective as a strong proponent of science, this is a disaster, it will set us back years relative to other countries, and there's no rational basis for it (see the linked article). But politically speaking, Bush is sorta screwed.

I think the best part about it is that it doesn't matter what Bush did, he'd be screwed no matter what he did. If he didn't veto the bill, he'd get barbequed by the fundie nutters who got him elected in the first place. He'd lose enough support for the Republican party that they'd probably get defeated next election, unless he could rebuild theological credibility in the next two years, and that's a very difficult sort of credibility to build.

So his other option was this. That's a setback for science, but consider who else he pissed off. He angered everybody in his constituency who could be helped by such research, or more accurately the slim subset who actually understand the issue at hand well enough immediately, and within the next few weeks probably most of those who needed the help as the Democratic PR machine might actually get cranking this time.

So no matter what Bush did, he'd lose a large chunk of support. And given how thin his last victory was, he's probably salted his feet- uh, sealed his fate. (Bonus points to anybody who gets that obscure literary reference) Or at least that of his party with regard to the next election. But then, voters have short memories, and there's still more than two years to go for him to get forgiveness.

It's really pushing the science-Christianity relationship to one characterized as "versus", however, and that's one of those things that would be interesting and entertaining to watch if I didn't have to live with it.

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What does it matter if he loses support? Under term limits he's gone for good no matter what next election.

Because in the process of alienating most of his voters, he dropped the Repuglican party's credibility into the sewer.

They've already done that.

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Science wins. Fanatics are nothing without fire and if you give them that you've got to give science explosives. :-P

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Soapboxes are made of wood ... they explode!

I thought if they were made of wood, it meant that they were a witch?

You left out a major part of the support he's losing: Economic conservatives in general. They hate regulations when they're not needed, and they're a core part of the Republican party that is getting more and more alienated over Bush's presidency. They hate Bush. He's teetering on the edge of facing a party rebellion from the secular Republicans.

They hate this for another reason too. Countries like South Korea, China, and India have lax and/or unenforced restrictions on stem cell and cloning research. As predicted by proponents of such research, they're experiencing something of a boom in medical scientific research. Biotechnicians along with medical researchers are lamenting that the job growth could be happening here, refining our technological edge, and bringing more investment to the USA. Instead it is contributing to other nations that are challenging the USA. These are all things which appeal to economic conservatives and which, being ignored by the fundamentalist wing of the Republican party, are driving a rift between social and economic conservativism.

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