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Independence Day

So I don't really have much of anything to do for Independence Day. I can't get anywhere from my apartment, and I dislike large parties anyway. But that's not really the point of the day anyway.

My celebration may be low-key, but it's the most patriotic thing I can think of given the current state of the nation: I gave $50.00 to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Quite frankly, they're the best chance we've got for keeping Bush and his cronies from completely demolishing the system of checks and balances. It's not really a partisan thing: either party would be glad to have too much power and too much control over the people. So that's what large lobbying groups are for: to force a message across when politicians are less-than-inclined to like it. Money buys political influence, and I for one think they should have a bit extra to work with.

As y'all might have figured out, this is thinly-veiled propoganda, but that's what a political opinion is for. I encourage y'all to donate, if your political views happen to match. It does more good for this country than just blowing shit up.

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