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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Perhaps, sir, there is a reason you were unceremoniously dumped upon your arse
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I don't usually make posts here that are entirely to poke fun at other people. I know it's not a nice thing to do. I do it all the time in my personal quotefile (OneNote is great like that), but I don't usually share it around.

Sometimes, someone just misses the point so badly it's painful and the pain must be shared.

From the Bang! Howdy forums (a new game in public beta by the creators of Puzzle Pirates), on a thread in which people ask their computers be untainted (a computer is recorded as tainted if it is tracked to a user that is or has ever been banned, even temporarily), because tainted computers can't participate in the beta (they also can't create new Puzzle Pirates accounts, but they can be used for current accounts in good standing- it's to prevent banned players from building new accounts to get around the ban), and the admins have stated that the behavior is partially intentional and people banned-for-cause from Puzzle Pirates should be banned from their new game, as well:

well thas a bunch of carp ithink u get banned from puzzlepirates and cant play another game thtas really stupid in my opion u can lose alot of players doing that and yall odnt know if people changed yall dont know thas it could of been osme bezzare accident it just stupid not giving people another chance real stupid and sometimes uget permently banned of stuff u had no ocntrol over or its really stupid and this is the only onle game company and runescape there the only noes that ba u from the gam eprmently i know of most games uget banned for lik 999 days they call that permently i think thas pretty good instead of a lifetime its really gay i bet nobdy would really play this in a caouple of years cause i know a website where they talk about how bad threrings company isi m not gonig to say whtas it called thoe but the website it ahs over 345,765 members and its going up!
iwant to play bangohwdy but i got banned from puzzlepirates its not fair i mgonig to fight for my gamplaying freedom!

Thank you, sir, for demonstrating how much your unbanning would add to the Bang! Howdy community.

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On the one hand, perhaps he's dyslexic. And illiterate. And... brain damaged.

But the bit "the website it ahs over 345,765 members" - dude. I'm so impressed that they have X=randomnumberpoke members. Really.

Have you played on the "free" puzzle pirates servers? A good quarter of the people talk like that.

Only a quarter? That seems to be a better estimate of the proportion that doesn't sound like that. (Our crew is an exception to the rule!) I think that's part of why I found that post so amusing, actually.

Ehh, skew the numbers whichever way you like. I guess I just got lucky in finding non-crew members that arn't Total Idiots.

I enjoyed the "its not fair i mgonig to fight for my gamplaying freedom!" part best.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but nowhere in the US constition is it listed that you have the right to play games.

So, that's what comes forth from a room full of monleys and typewriters.

As opposed to cats and typewriters, which bring us 'monleys'. ;)

i edn teh sentcne wthi a esxclamtion tpaointa waht mor do u wnat [sic]

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