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SLSC: Reports and Robots

Today went rather well. It started out with Scott (my supervisor) showing me a letter he recieved from Tom Potter (Vice President of the Science Center) saying a phone call was recieved, complimenting the staff of Cyberville on an exceptional job at the 3:00 Lego Mindstorms session on September 23.

A session that I worked in.

It's now on my permanent record that a visitor bothered to call the Science Center to leave a positive remark. This is a very, very rare event, and a very good thing!

Other than that, nothing really of note, other than the Stinkiest Fart Ever being released by a rather large visitor in the LAN area; while that provided some entertainment, only the usual disasters (crashed machines) reigned.

Although the people trying franticly to break through the "no adult content" filters were entertaing, as they got walled again and again...

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