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Loud rattling noises and other signs of impending computer failure

I wasn't really budgeting for it, but it looks like it's going to take a big chunk out of my pay now because I don't have much of a choice. At least my father is willing to give me a loan, because I don't have enough credit for a bank to offer it to me; I'm getting a new portable computer.

It's a bad sign when the hard drive makes wheezing and rattling noises. (The fan has been doing that for a very long time.) It's significantly more worrying when the computer actually tells you that it expects its own hard drive to fail soon because the diagnostics are looking worrying.

I've backed up my most important files and now I can only hope that the computer I ordered today will get here in time!

My father is financing me on it, though, as I said; I'll just mentally deduct $500 from each of my remaining paychecks and I'll pay for it handily, which is how I'm budgeting. As my current "burn rate" leaves significantly more than that anyway (even with all the recreational spending I've been doing), I shouldn't have any trouble taking on that extra debt. But still, it's annoying.

If I'm going to pay in excess of two kilodollars on a computer, I want it to be right for me, so I did it as a custom order. That means I do get the features I want (yay high-res tablet!), but it'll take a month to get here for construction time. I just hope my computer will last that long!

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