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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Spare Change
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Maybe I should put $5 bills into the Microsoft vending machines more often. It gave me two Sacajawea dollars as part of the change it made, but the surprise was the Susan B. Anthony. I'll be hanging onto that, even though it isn't in perfect shape.

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Some banks have tons of both types of dollars.

Just yesterday, at Wells Fargo, I dropped a twenty dollar bill in exchange for some of the Sacajawea Dollars. I let em keep the Susan Bs. of which they also had plenty. Nothing against her, but they are too much like quarters.

Also, the ticket machines here for the automated Metro Rail, routinely give Dollar Coins as change.

A Susan B. Anthony dollar is exactly the same size as a Sacajawea dollar. But the lack of a reeded edge, as well as the different color, really does make it easier to tell a Sacajawea dollar from a quarter than a Susan B.

Sacajewea is a funny word.

Or as Regis Philbin pronounced it trying to read it as a possible answer (the correct one, at that) on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, "Sagajawacky".

... There is just no excuse. Unless they can't make sure he knows how to pronounce everything beforehand because he isn't allowed to see questions before he asks them, in which case there is a little tiny excuse. It's still quite amazing, as there are quite a few things closer to how it's spelled.

The first time the host of Millionaire sees the questions is on the console right as the question is being asked- mispronounced names are fairly common in the game.

I give Regis some credit for that. As a game-show host, his job is to entertain. If he knows he's about to botch a name, he might as well miss it in grand style.

True. I had guessed that if he didn't know how to pronounce some of the things, it might be for that reason.

It is quite an amusing botch and certainly more amusing than most other things he could have come up with.

The stamp machines in the post offices around here give change in Susan B dollars, wonder if they do up your way ..

These are different designs on the dollar bills then? The design on the £1 coin varies yearly (although it was cycling until recently), and the 50p coin has various special editions, but the £5/£10/£20 notes change only rarely.

$1 bills, currently, only have one design. However, there is one currently minted $1 coin (Sacajawea "golden" (that is to say, brass-plated) dollar) and one widely-circulated no longer minted $1 coin (Susan B. Anthony). Both are about the same size. The Susan B. dollar fell out of popularity because it wasn't much larger than a quarter, was the same color as a quarter, and had the same reeded edge as a quarter, so many people gave away four times as much money as they intended to when encountering them. The Sacajawea dollars are the same size, but they are visually and tactile-ly different; the smooth edge makes a significant difference. (The original reason for having reeded edges is largely irrelevant now anyway.)

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