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Just part of work

28% in federal tax withholding does tend to come as a bit of a shock in one's first major paycheck. It's one of those numbers that, when expanded out to show just how much tax is really being taken, is larger than it sounds as a percentage. Even after that, my first paycheck is well over the highest amount of money my bank account has ever held. I'm learning what I really need, what my cost of living is, and what sort of junk I'm prone to buying and then considering a total waste of money. Nifty gadgetry is high on that list- I can be fascinated by a device to enough of an extent that it fails to process, until confronted directly, how completely useless it is. For example: Reading the news on a wristwatch that receives radio transmissions. "Wow, what a company discount! Wow, what a nifty device! When they come in at the company store, I should get one!" Only being confronted with the other things I can get for the same amount of money and realizing how worthless the ability to read news on a screen much smaller than that of my Wireless-Web-Enabled cell phone on a wristwatch with a two-day battery life actually shook me out of that. There are a lot of interesting things that a hundred dollars will do, and displaying world news (without selectable sources or topics) on a one-inch screen really isn't high on my priority list. I'd really rather bribe a really talented artist to draw pictures of me because I'm a narcissist.

On that note, I've been rotating my desktop wallpaper between a few of frameacloud's pieces. Orion, I thought you might want to know that my officemate, my mentor, my supervisor, Larry the Supply Dude, my project manager, the intern coordinator, my supervisor's supervisor, my supervisor's supervisor's supervisor, and my officemate's mentor all spontaneously commented on it in a complimentary manner. I pointed out your web site URL in the corner of the pieces and I'll let my co-workers draw their own conclusions from there. But I just thought you might want to know that you have yet more admirers!

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