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Little falling blocks, little video game systems, and little bike rides

I have my DS Lite now! I got my exercise biking to the EB Games and back, but by actually having enough water and not starting out hungry this time, the ride was much, much easier. It was a nice day for it, too, where "nice" of course means "bright and hot", and I would have preferred traditional Washington weather...

I also bought Tetris DS. Whee, little falling blocks! Up until now, I thought the infinite spin rule was cheap. But this game shows that it doesn't ruin the game at all... when you're playing 20G, it doesn't matter how much you spin, you have to be awesome or you are screwed. And 20G hits only 140 lines in. 20G, for those who don't know the term, means the block doesn't fall, it teleports to the bottom of the screen and the "set time" between drop and lockdown is the only manuvering you get. Suddenly, infinite spin and seven next pieces makes a lot more sense.

For people trading in an original DS for a DS Lite: Save your thumbstrap. I don't know why Nintendo's so stingy, but you don't get a thumbstrap with the DS Lite. As that's how I aim in Metroid Prime, and I play Super Mario 64 enthusiastically, I wish they'd included one...

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