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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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On The Merits of a Company Store
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Office 2003 Professional: $60
Microsoft Money Premium: $25
Microsoft Streets and Trips: $20
SideWinder Strategic Commander (input device): $15
Age of Empires III (which somehow miraculously runs on my computer): $15
Looking like a fool and getting people laughing at you for inadvertently dancing to what they were playing on the radio while you were making your purchases: priceless

There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's the Microsoft company store and a kick-ass staff discount.

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Rather unfortunate that you're working for a large software company whereas I'm going to work for one who make linear accelerators.. don't think I'd be able to buy one even if they did give me a discount!

It would be inconvenient to carry home, at the very least.

You couldn't get me to pay for that stuff.

Recent Microsoft software has generally worked well for me. Anything more than four years old is an unstable disaster, but I've had good fortune with the recent stuff.

Same here. I've only had to reinstall the XP OS 2 times. A third time was because it had become deathly ill with viruses(as in, I could watch it dying day by day(noteably, restarting itself within an hour of booting up, for no other apparent reason), ill), but that's wasn't the OS's fault, so that doesn't count.

Arguably, Streets and Trips works -way- better than any of it's competitors. And I prefer Money to Quicken.

I don't know if that beats me getting Microsoft XP Pro for $25, though. :D

And I don't even work for Microsoft or shop at their company store! I got it from my college. :D

Still, I'd like to get AoE III for $15.

Windows XP SP2 Pro costs $40 from the company store... and $0 from my college. Yay site license!

Halo also costs $15, unless you want it for the XBOX, in which case it or Halo 2 is $10. Every single XBOX and XBOX 360 game that Microsoft published is $10.

*gaping jaw*

I'm kind of afraid to ask, but, how much do XBox consoles cost?

$400 from Best Buy. This is why I don't have one. Microsoft doesn't have any to spare. The Company Store is the last thing they stock, not the first. Once they start having spare XBOX 360s, then they might stock some.

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