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Five miles up a bunch of steep hills is much farther on a bike than it looks like on a map. Especially when hungry, tired, and inexperienced; my longest bike ride to date was around two miles- in two passes, one mile there and back. I am exhausted right now.

But I did it.

And more importantly, I have a Nintendo DS Lite on priority preorder from the EB Games five miles away. Not sure how I'll get there and back on the 11th when it arrives (three days after my 20th birthday, too!), especially with no bus service to help me out, but I'll figure something out. (Today, the bus dropped me and my bike off half a block from EB and I bought my toys and biked back. Can't do that on Sunday.)

If I'm this tired after five hilly miles on a bike, I have no clue how baxil is walking 25 miles a day on steeper terrain. I suspect he has developed more endurance than I have had occasion to gain.

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