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Amusing declassified things

Taking a short break from reading piles of documentation...

For confidentiality reasons, I can't say a whole lot about the work I'm doing, but it does have a few amusing points I can share.

  • Of everybody on my team, all but four of us (including myself) are Indian. Three of the remaining four are Japanese. The last one is me. I am going to be learning a great deal about how to understand thick accents across the course of this summer.

  • According to my computer log on, I am officially a Windows developer, which is kinda cool.

  • Whenever my computer is locked or in screensaver, my office phone calls are automatically redirected to my cell phone.

  • The user-friendly bug tracking system client is called "Bugger".

  • There's a lot of freedom with regard to what I can do with my development computer. My desktop wallpaper is currently a frameacloud piece, which goes nicely with my PDA's today screen. (Orion, you account for quite a lot of my electronic decorations...)

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