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The first week
color cycle (slow)
Wow, a lot can happen in four days. I haven't gotten my thoughts together enough over the last few days to make a post, not that the lack of good Internet access in the apartment would have made it easy anyway. That should be changing soon; our down-the-stairs neighbors are now connected, and we agreed to split the costs and access their connection via a wireless router. Splitting the cost six ways, it's downright cheap.

My login to the Microsoft systems finally works. It only took three days longer than it should have. That and fighting for hours with an uncooperative voice-mail system has finally let me use my computer...

The full (or even partial) details of my project are relatively cofidential, but the abridged form: The system Microsoft uses to coordinate its internal testing is unstable under heavy load. It needs to be fixed, but before anything meaningful can be done to fix the system, it must be possible to find which portions of the system are failing under what stimuli- even begin to predict (and take steps against) failures before the system actually goes down. That's my assignment: figure out what to look for, then retrofit this million-line monstrosity to report on it. Sounds like fun!

Yesterday, I got a new bike. The bike, helmet, and lock added up to Microsoft's budget for it, but then I bought a good rack and storage unit that cost me quite a bit, but it'll definitely be useful. I'll be sending this bike back home, after all- I might as well add the part I've wanted to add to it for a while.

Less great yesterday was my PDA cheerfully corrupting the filetable of my 2GB storage card. Now it can only address 500 MB or so, and all the data on it is of course gone. I might be able to address it if I can hook it up to a computer and format it, and I suspect a chkdsk could save the data. It's not a huge deal, though; as always, I back up everything important.

Today I finally got my ID badge and my computer pulled itself to full working order- so with all my software in order, I can start the real work on Tuesday...

I have to resist the temptation of working on the weekend. I've already been doing 9-hour days. I'm used to working to the point of exhaustion, not stopping until I absolutely had to- I needed it at college, but as I'm salaried (not paid by the hour), I'm just ripping myself off... I'm days ahead of schedule.

Maybe I'll get to be on AIM this weekend, but that requires reliable Internet service, and I don't have that. I have no idea what I'll be doing this weekend. I've got a bike, but there's nothing interesting in the range of my limited endurance and the busses out here do not run at all on the weekends.

It's only my first week, though; I do wonder how the next 11 will go!

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Be careful not to run through your work too fast, or there might not be any problems left to investigate ;)

I suppose Microsoft has some proprietary test system. The company I'm doing software testing for this summer uses Mercury Interactive TestDirector, so that's all I'm familiar with.

Can't remember if I've said it yet, but congrats on the new job and hope you enjoy the new surroundings. And we'll have to show each other our respective corporate campuses one day. :P

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