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Hello, My Name Is Not Surin

Among the things I did yesterday was retreive my backlog of mail from my PO box in the Village. They'd cleared out my box already and put the contents into a Priority Mail envelope, because they had plenty of them lying around. They were clearing out all the mailboxes to prepare for reassigning them over the summer; there was a very large pile of such envelopes, and mine was hardly the largest. (I'd checked my mail sometime last semester, after all. That's a lot more frequent than a lot of students, because there's almost nothing important for students in the mail if they don't have a magazine subscription.) All that was in there was a load of junk: credit card ads, car ads, magazine offers, and similar rubbish.

The target of more than half of them, however, was rather amusing.

Several months ago, maybe over a year, my parents received a comically wrong printout from Washington University, asking them to (as alumni) confirm that their personal information was correct. It wasn't. Actually, it was catastrophically wrong. This was not uncommon; it was actually a widespread database error that led to everybody getting remarkably erroneous records put on them. This actually made the student newspaper. We figured they'd fix the bug and nothing would come of it, the erroneous entries corrected. "Remarkably wrong" is, perhaps, an understatement. They were correct about my parents' names and their dates of graduation; however, they also had it on file that they are both American Eskimo in heritage. I was listed on the printout as well, except I was scheduled to graduate some time in 2012, I was born before my mother was (my age was listed at somewhere over 70 years old), and I had some surprising heritage given the fact that both of my parents are apparently Eskimos: it was listed as African American and Hispanic and Native American and Asian.

This form also gave me the surprising news that I apparently have a brother named Surin, with a similar ethnicity and age, but he graduated back in 1998. The last name did match, at least.

A corrected form was issued several weeks later and we figured that was the end of that. Little did I know, however, how quickly commercial databases spread! Surin, my long-lost information processing error, has now worked his way into junk mail lists throughout the world. More than half of the junk mail aimed at my post office box? All for Surin.

I find this highly amusing.

Related to nothing: I'm also in an unreasonably cheerful mood today because of advertisements I received in my e-mail. Y'see, I actually did sign up for eMusic's weekly-ish advertisements of their latest offerings in a few categories, Electronic included. Well, the most recent one told me that Moby just got some new releases into it. I like about 1/2 of Moby's productions, so I looked into it.

It turns out that the majority of his music is now up there, including one song I've wanted a high-quality legitimate copy of for years. And I turned out to like most of the rest of the album. I'm not going to take a risk on an $18.00 album for one song, but downloading that one song for $0.25? That's more in my price range. I am now out of eMusic downloads for the month, and my "Save For Later" list grew by a few albums.

Discovering that one song was enough to pull me out of the inexplicably irritable mood I've been in for the last week (actually, there's nothing inexplicable about it: my mother has been rather overbearing recently and is not taking my impending departure well) and put me in the cheerful sort of anticipatory mood I really should be in for this upcoming internship.

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