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This is typical for a St. Louis spring, yes. The tornado warning just passed, and I decided to see if I couldn't get a few pictures of this. I obviously have a lot of improvement to go for learning how to take good pictures, but given that I was holding the camera with one hand, holding the doorframe for balance (leaning off it) with the other, propping the door open with a foot, and standing on the other for a few of the shots... I do have some other around-campus shots from the last month that I haven't gotten around to uploading, as well as several from the ACM World Finals. I'll doo that... uh, eventually. But I need to shower for now. Although with weather like this, I could just cavort nakedly outside.
Rain. Rain.
It rained today. This picture was taken with my right foot propping the door open, me standing on my left foot, my left arm hanging onto the doorframe because I was leaning back to keep from getting the camera soaked, and my right arm taking the picture. Given that this was a flashless night one-handed shot, I don't think the blur is too bad. I didn't upload the pictures where it was really terrible.
It rained. It rained.
This picture was taken from inside, with the camera pushed against the rain-spattered windows of the lobby. Yes, this is normal for St. Louis in the springtime.
Rain rain rain. Rain rain rain.
This is another balance shot: taken on one foot, other foot mostly propping the door open (you can see the edge of the door in the right of the frame), hanging onto the doorframe with left hand. I'm not sure if this one is more or less blurred than the other one, but something in me just prefers the other shot (which was taken later- these photos are in reverse chronological order), which is currently my desktop wallpaper and I invite y'all to use it for the same if you want. That's part of why I'm uploading these full-rez, although it's more that I really like storms and thought this one was especially pretty.
Caught in the rain. Caught in the rain.
I would normally consider this shot too badly motion-blurred to post (this was another one-leg shot) except I find the blurred figures caught in the rain to be worth posting- the blur helps it, somehow. Yes, the dude in yellow shorts was shirtless. Oops.
Dark and dry. Dark and dry.
Taken from inside the lobby. I just thought the way the light streamed in was a neat composition shot. I just like the shapes of this one.
Boom! Boom!
I'd usually consider this too blurred to post- I took a picture of this for the shape and art, and it's not clear enough for that. But I was lucky enough to get a lightning flash- just by the color of the sky. So it got posted. It's blurred because of how I was leaning on the couch, not jumping from the thunder- thunder in general does not startle me. You start to expect it around these parts.
Window Window
The comfortable, limited world created by humans... the furious, wet, dark, but so varied world of the outside.
It's pouring. It's pouring.
This was taken from the window on the second floor. This one shows better than the others just how much it was really pouring, although the lens flare combined with the distortion from the raindrops on the window doesn't help the image itself much.

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