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Broken sleep schedule

My sleep schedule is totally busted, and my usual fixes aren't working.

This is the fourth day in a row I've woken up before 8:00 AM and gone to bed before midnight. My schedule works best when I go to bed at or after 2:00 AM. I fell asleep at 7:30 last night- I just got too drowsy and sleepy to do much more than set my TV tuner software to do a timed recording of The Amazing Race. And then I woke up now, slightly before 7:30 AM; I slept for nearly twelve hours. At least I have plenty of time before class to do a load of laundry, because I'm just about out of everything.

While I have been catching up on much-needed sleep, it's still frustrating. It's not the schedule I work best at, and it's not the schedule that a lot of other people are synchronized to. That's beneficial when fighting over the washing machine, but frustrating and isolating otherwise.

I'm claiming there's nobody else on AIM, of course, but I haven't gone to check. Maybe I'll discover that several of y'all keep crazy hours like this. I do actually prefer an early schedule for getting stuff done, it's just bad for any sort of social life to fall asleep almost immediately after dinner.

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