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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Diet over; I win
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I am thirty pounds lighter than I was around four or five months ago. I am wearing pants that my mother and I had set aside as too small, in a pile to give to charity. My belt is at its tightest setting, it is comfortable, and it is only barely holding my pants up.

Diet Over. I Win.

I'm not going to go back to my old eating habits that obviously didn't work for me. Now that I've broken the habit, I'm not going to go back to drinking soda; sugar water is not healthy, period. I think I'll remain avoiding the french fries and fried chicken, at that. Going off a formal diet may not change my eating habits a whole lot, come to think of it...

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Awesome. Your future self will thank you.


I'm guessing and hoping that you weighed more five months ago than I had previously imagined ;)

Five months ago, I weighed 193 lbs. I'm 5'7", so 193 is unhealthy in the lower end of the "obese" range on a BMI chart. Actually, 163 is considered "overweight", but I have a stocky build and enough muscle to justify such a number.

Many, many congratulations to you.

I think realistic diets like the one you were on are helpful not only in helping a person to lose weight while on them but also in establishing good eating habits that last long after.

As far as soda goes, I sure wish I hadn't been so lazy as to carry around a bottle of soda instead of a mug of tea for a caffeinated beverage for the last couple years just because the soda bottle was easier to transport. It's really a rather useless beverage for doing anything but adding on empty calories and containing caffeine -- which many other things do without the calories. I suspect it was never drinking soda that helped me stay thin when younger.

Congrats! That's well done.

I pulled off a similar feat starting last June, losing about 25 pounds total since then. Cutting the sugared soda and candy and simply eating less was what did it.

You can still drink sweet drinks, though—I've been drinking the "zero" and diet sodas out there, as well as the flavored Dasani, all year.

It's fruit juice I go for, actually. I avoid artificial sweeteners because there's a long history in my family of having bad reactions to them. And for that matter, I'm of the opinion that if I'm eating or drinking something designed to have no calories there's really no reason to eat it or drink it unless it's, y'know, water or lettuce (and they have some nutritive value). I'm better off not craving the sweets by just getting out of the habit...

[[nods]] That's understandable.

Acc. to popular lore, celery has "negative" calories. (Takes more to eat it than the caloric content.)

Dang, that was me (about the celery)

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