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"Irritating" versus "disgusting"

Even though I find the words to be extremely different, I find it surprising that some people seem to mix up the words "irritating" and "disgusting" in how they're used at Washington University. Yes, this is actually for comedic purposes, but people have been using them backwards at Washington University. Not to mention confusing "procreate" and "propogate" in Psych.

Irritating: Fr'ex, finishing up a long "bye, good luck with your studies" in an AIM conversation exactly one quarter of a second after the person you're talking to logs off to study. (Sorry about that one, Blaze...)
Disgusting: Gastrointestinal distress known as "the trots", leading to the discovery that parts of your lunch have passed through your digestive system entirely unchanged.

Anyway, back to continuing on homework of my own...

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