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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Unreliability and irritation
sixteen tons
So that's the fifth time in the last three days that Internet service in Small House 9 has gone down; it took over half an hour to get it going again this time. That's not cool.

If I ever get a chance to wind up on AIM again, but then suddenly disconnect, y'all know why. I'm rather upset about this, in large part because it's been interfering with my actually getting homework done. I'm not happy about that.

I've written up an open letter to ResTech, and was about to post it for signatures somewhere in the Village Lobby just before service came back on. According to the girl working behind the desk in the Village Office, she actually did get to talk to the technicians trying to get the system back up and they're partially aware of the problem- although not its extent. I'm giving them a bit of a reprieve- but if it goes down again tomorrow, or twice in any three-day period, I'm going to be posting it for signatures.

It's just on the civil side of irate: no "we'd appreciate it if", it's full of "we're not getting service we're paying for and we demand answers". But no out-and-out rudeness- just bluntness with barely-contained aggression. 'Twould be nice if it would get their attention if it turns out to be needed...

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(Deleted comment)
It's no problem, I wouldn't have a link to my LiveJournal on my homenode if I didn't want people to wander over to it once in a while! I'm glad you like the node- I was inspired after a discussion actually about why a particular collectible card game (SimCity, actually) was a miserable failure. Thoughts about generally what works and what doesn't work in games followed...

The "Why the SimCity CCG failed miserably" node might be my next, although I'm having to decide whether to file it under "SimCity", "SimCity CCG", "SimCity The Card Game", something else... As I've had five writeup moves in all of 16 posted writeups (one of which got nuked for sucking and pointlessness), I seem to be bad at placing my nodes.

You might be amused to note that my Tetris Attack writeup has the fourth-lowest rep of all my writeups, and it also took the third-greatest number of downvotes....

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