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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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One of those things that only happens at college
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So as is my usual habit, I went across the street to the Village Grill for dinner, and then since all the dining rooms were largely full, I ate out in the lobby. Because I always do two things at once, I studied my Abnormal Psych book (which, despite past misgivings about a professor using his own textbook, is extremely well written, even though it only arrived in the bookstore today) while eating, while listening to my MP3 player. (Including the song mentioned in my last entry, actually.)

I should eat out in the lobby more often. It's much more interesting to watch people wander by and go in and out going about their business than to just hide in the dining room. I get less studying done, but hey, it's a Psychology class where I'm supposed to be studying people, right?

A group of ten people with sheets of paper and a digital camera passed noisily by, and for some reason, I seemed to attract their attention. After a five-minute discussion that I couldn't quite make out because it seemed to be largely simultaneous, they descended upon me and explained their predicament: they were part of Mock Trial, on (for some unknown reason) a digital photo scavenger hunt, and one of the items was someone who looks like one of the people in one of the trials. (Don't remember who, mind you. I don't think I was told at the time.) Apparently, my long hair and MP3 player made me greatly resemble the desk clerk who found a kidnapped girl drugged and blindfolded in the hallway outside a bathroom in a motel, so I was cast in the role- they were also glad of my Acting 1 background.

And so it came to pass that I found myself in the hallway just outside the bathroom next to the Village Grill, giving an appropriate startled and horrified expression at this girl (trying not to giggle) who has been blindfolded with her own scarf and is slumped against the drinking fountain as nine people attempt to take a photograph by committee. ("Did it go? The screen went black." "That was the off switch, you idiot!" "Right, right, try again...") It did eventually work, and I headed back to my dinner, now cold, but at least unstolen (one of the photography team stayed behind to ensure that). The flock of would-be photographers continued onward, one more object knocked off the list.

Only at college...

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They should have hired me to take it!!

*Laughs* Sounds like fun. n.n

It could have been worse than a cold lunch!

"Hey you! You look like the kind of guy we need to smack in the face with a lemon murangie pie!"

While I read about this I had an auditory hallucination; it was the Hamtaro theme song with different lyrics.

Kis-tar-o! Big dragon, small adventures...

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