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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Way to set back understanding of Paganism about a century
a look of abject horror, yikes

Could someone who is more literate than myself please write an open letter requesting that the general populace understand that this gentleman is not representative of Neopagans as a whole or, for that matter, Neopaganism in any acceptable way, and then try to collect a few thousand signatures?

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I think if anyone could write a letter that would convince people that "Extreme person A" as a member of "Group B" is in no way representative of said group .. well .. that person would hold the key to world peace. It is an unfortunate truth that the most extreme and outspoken folks are the ones who get remembered, and by extension, the ones who "set the par" for the group they claim to be a member of.

I think it'd be a noble effort though. I couldn't do it myself - not being a member of the group in question I cannot accurately claim to know what is representative and thus could not write such a thing with any real authority. I'd be happy to sign it though!

I think the big question would be who is more literate than you. Unless you mean in that general subject. Then I might know the person.

Oie, this guy gives Satanism a bad name... (Satanism actually has NOTHING to do with Satan/Lucifer at all.) Satanism itself, as far as I know, tends to be more of a philosphy than religion, based around the central self being.

It's bad enough having hyper religious christian who want to "Burn all the Gays" Or such... Now we've got a pagan flaunting all the wrong things? Oie...


I'd bet 500 dollars (that I don't actually have) that this guy has absolutly 0 chance.

*follows the link from the story to the guy's political home page, and then to his 'About Me' page*




"In August 1988, while visiting a relative, I met a girl who was totally
taken by me and who I was. She was hott and sexy, so I drove her
home that night on my bike, and slept with her. Though I do not regret
sleeping with her, in 1996 I found that she was my half-sister who I
hadn't seen since 1970."

... buh ... wha ... erg ...

I ...

*brain implodes*

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