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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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A recruiter from Microsoft will be calling me some time in approximately twenty minutes for a telephone interview... I'm more nervous than I should be, for something I was told (over e-mail) would be short and simple (probably just for screening purposes to make sure that my resume wasn't hiding my secretly being an idiot or something). I'll just do my best...

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Don't forget to hide your thirst for human blood.


Oh, wait, this is Microsoft. Nevermind.

Well, I never thought that you'd be one to go over to the dark side, so so speak. Lots of luck with your interview, and do try to get in touch more often :D

Well, Winter Break has kept me away from AIM- my parents are worried about t3h SCARY INTERNETS PEOPLE and ban its usage. (They can't stop me at college! Nobody can stop me! BWAHAHAHAHA!)

But I'll be back on campus on Saturday!

Good luck!

... I think there's finally someone you won't try to convince to switch to Linux.

GOod luck in that, Awp! Hope it goes/went well!

You, Kistaro, are a living example of the definition of "irony". You, one of the greatest windows-haters I've ever seen, working for Microsoft. It doesn't get much richer than that.

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