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Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Dental problems
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So today was my six-month dental exam; I'm not a fan of going to the dentist, but it's something that's got to be done. Turned out to be a good idea this time, too.

Apparently, I am actually quite good at brushing my teeth. According to Dr. Nissan, I had a remarkably low level of plaque, and every surface and crevice that a toothbrush or dental floss could cover was in great shape. The problem was those surfaces that can't be reached by such dental implements... some of my teeth have crevices too narrow for a toothbrush bristle. Two of my molars need to be drilled because of small cavities there. They're small enough that if they were somewhere else, Dr. Nissan might consider just trying to watch it carefully and suggest better dental hygine, but this is nowhere I can actually do anything. So some time after I get back to Washington University, but probably within the next month, I'm going to have to have those fixed.

At least we've noticed them early so they are quite small, and they're on the surface of the molar rather than anywhere inconvenient. The upshot to this is that I can get both teeth fixed in one 45-minute visit, and Dr. Nissan won't have to drill far enough for me to even really need numbing agents- it's just a good idea anyway, in case his aim is a little off. I'll just lose a weekend.

It's a minor inconvenience at worst, but it's still frustrating that my teeth are in very good condition everywhere I can brush or floss (even though I don't have good flossing habits!) and I still have two cavities.

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It must annoy you that, while I tend to forget to brush now and then(and never floss, naturally weak gums), and I have had no cavities, ever.

Heh. You folks who grew up on fluoridated water simply have NO idea...

And I remember the days before high speed drills, too. Errrroww!

Just a little FYI--Something that has really worked for me is the WaterPik. It's a little gadget that squirts a stream of pulsating water where you aim it (between the teeth and along the gumline, ideally) and can actually clean where floss and brush don't reach. I've used one for years now on my dental hygienist's recommendation (actually, that was three hygienists back, though I still have the same dentist) and it has done wonders.

Floss doesn't work well for me because my teeth are so tight together it sticks and shreds in there. Costs about $70 or so, but my first one lasted 15 years and the second one does seem to be better made. You can use warm water if cold bothers you, and you can mix antiseptic mouthwash or whatever into the water for added benefit. A little messy to use, but for me it has been really worthwhile.

*Chuckles* You're like me. I don't look after my teeth to closely, but I still only have a single cavity to show for it.

Yay for genetically awesome teeth!

/me tops that. I haven't had any!

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