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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Home again
airbrushed, thoughtful
Anyway, I'm back home from Indiana, and I managed to do it without screwing up my diet. Not bad.

Too tired for many concluding notes, but only that I am helpless against my urge to buy shiny things, and in a related note, the Game Boy micro is really darn tiny and the key ring on it actually makes sense.

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I do wonder what the next GBA will bring. The DS kinda overshadows it...

Welcome back! I hope that the rest of your break is nice and relaxing.

...and the really darn tiny bit is part of the reason I don't have a GBmicro. That, and I don't see the need for another GBA. And there are other shinies that are demanding my attention and money^_^

Well, my years and years of heavy computer use have led to chronic tendonitis for me. A Nintendo DS is fine for touch-screen intensive games and some button-driven games essentially built for the system- although the latter in moderation. (Super Mario 64 DS and Mario Kart DS get to me after about 45 minutes or so.) It doesn't fare so well for GBA games, as they tend to be rather intensive on the A button. The DS has very badly positioned fire buttons; they should be more to the inside of the unit. It forces me to twist my thumb in an uncomfortable way to play a GBA game on the DS, and the weight of the unit does get to my wrists after a while if I'm holding them in traditional "controller" position rather than stylus-driven "PDA" position. I had the same trouble with the original brick-like Game Boy I had when I was in fourth grade... my tendonitis is nothing new.

The Game Boy Micro is a much better design. The A button isn't much farther from the edge of the device, but the device is much smaller, so it feels much more natural for me to support it with my fingers rather than pushing my palms against it. The inside-triggered shoulder buttons support this- I can use my index fingers to support the device, even in shoulder-button-intensive games, by pressing against the hinge of the button- something I can't do when the hinge is on the inside.

I used to have a GBA SP. It disintegrated. I played it heavily for the better part of two and a half years. The R button now requires much more pushing than the "click" point to register, the A button is the same way and requires a great deal of pressure (bad, considering how the A button is the primary fire button!), and the START button requires some extra force. As importantly, the backlight has gotten decidedly sickly and pale, to match the overall desaturated grayish cast of the entire screen.

In summary, I played the heck out of it...

$90 for a new GBA system is better than $9,000 for wrist surgery, I'd say.

Styles like the original GameBoy or the GBA work for me just fine, although I have to be careful how much I play them--my right hand will cramp up rather badly if I play them for more than an hour or so. However, I'd rather deal with that then try to play with the GBA SP, even with the advantage not having to find a decent light source to play my games--the SP is too small for me, and my hand gets badly cramped after maybe ten minutes. Somehow, I don't see the Micro working out much better. And I'm probably gonna have to be careful with the stylus-intensive DS games, as well. Something about not being able to use a pen/pencil/stylus/etc for long periods of time without my hand cramping something fierce...

As for the disintegrating issue...I've had that problem twice. First one was with one of the controllers on my NES; the A button requires a considerable amount of force before it will even think about working. Second one was with the GameBoy I got when I was in middle school--same problem with the A button and the start key. *eyes your comment again*...but then again, it took considerably longer for the issues to be noticeable on my end.

And yes, I'd have to agree that getting the new GBA would probably be the better route...

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For the screen- clean it like you would clean your eyeglasses. (You have glasses, right? Or has my memory malfunctioned again?) Eyeglass cleaner works wonders.

I do wonder if the "clicky" buttons of the GBA SP and Nintendo DS are less reliable than the more "springy" buttons of the original GBA and actually all other Nintendo systems. If so, the Game Boy micro (hey, the capitalization is their deal, not mine) should last longer, because it does use that original type of button rather than the shallow ones.

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