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Exams, incompletes, and $125 kinetic sculptures for $5

So I had my one and only final exam yesterday. It was trivial and I finished in less than half the time allotted- let's hope it's a good omen for my Operating System theory grades.

I talked to Dr. Bayazit before the exam, to dictate my exam answers he couldn't read (can't blame him- I couldn't read my own writing either, but at least I did get full marks for explaining the right answer), and to ask for an incomplete.

I still don't like Dr. Bayazit's teaching style, but at least he has sympathy for overworked students. The new deadline for that final project is early February, and the penalty for the late is a little lower than expected. Okay, a lot lower than expected. The penalty for this late is 0%; I will lose exactly 0% of the full possible marks for the project. In summary: no penalty.

About a month ago (same trip I bought Tetris Attack Puzzle League for the GBA), something caught my eye at an estate sale my parents and I went to: a large box of apparently normal plastic construction toy. I recognized it for what it was, however- among other things, it was underpriced, and I bought it for $5.

What I bought was a $125 Chaos World In Motion set, used, and in need of cleaning. But having to take a wet rag to dusty components is nothing compared to getting one of those for $120 below cost. Whoever priced it probably didn't know what it was... I've checked it, and enough of the components are there and intact that it is fully usable. The only part not in working order is the Trampoline, so the Catch Basket will either go unused or as a component of just a "normal" jump, rather than drop-trampoline-catch; it's one of the oldest Chaos sets, and it looks like the Trampoline damage is from aging rubber, not misuse. It's hardly something to complain about on something I bought for $5.00- especially because reviews say the Trampoline is the biggest pain in the tail out of all the components to keep aligned, as these heavy little plastic balls tend to get it aimed wrong in fairly short order.

So. Once I get the thing set up and running, you can believe there will be a few more photo posts...

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