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So that's another semester very nearly over. I've finished my Experimental Psychology paper and sent it off to Dr. Holt- the associated files are on a CD which I'll deliver tomorrow. (For those unaware, my paper was on how unequal cursor response in each axis to movements of a mouse affects overall response times and response times to targets in directions along each axis, because of a previous paper by Phillips, Meehan, & Triggs that had this as a confound but didn't think much of it. Summary: Phillips, et al. are going down. I've found some really interesting effects- and some extraordinarily counterintuitive ones. It's really groovy.) I've just got my Operating System Theory final tomorrow; I thought there was a Computer Architecture final on Thursday, but it's just the deadline for the final project.

A final project which fell by the wayside for the entire time, because of my other heavy assignment loads. I was terrified that I'd have to do the whole thing in a day or two, but I discussed it over e-mail with Dr. Bayazit (who I suddenly like a lot more): my grade for Computer Architecture will be Incomplete, and I'll have an extension until the end of Winter Break to get the damn thing finished. I should be able to do it in that time frame- I'm not sure how much it's going to cost me, but it's going to be a damnsight less than what not getting it in or doing a terribly rushed job would be.

I find the timing of Dr. Bayazit's e-mail amusing. I sent him the e-mail describing my predicament and my excuse for why it happened before I showered two days ago. (Which, as is typical around final OH SHIT HEADEXPLODY time, is the last time I showered. I'll be showering after this post, yes.) It was a reply to his e-mail; I'll be meeting with him tomorrow before my Operating System Theory exam both to discuss the exact nature of the Incomplete and for the original reason he e-mailed me... my handwriting on the Computer Architecture exam was so shitty he needs me to read off some of my answers to him. Oops. Anyway, I sent him my reply telling him that Tuesday would be best, and asking what advice he had for my predicament- and his reply offered me the incomplete. I guess he didn't think it was reasonable to tank the grade of a student who's been answering questions in class and doing well on the exams, homework, and quizzes just because he couldn't keep up with the semester's homework load...

But why the timing is amusing. I sent the e-mail, then went to take a shower. During the shower, in my usual meditative, reflective state (the water gets me stoned, dude), I took the opportunity to appeal to the Gods for whatever advice They might have on getting my assignments done in time. Thoth's reply, in more words, was "don't worry about it, you'll have plenty of time". I finish my shower and find an offer of an Incomplete...

My notebooks for the semester have just been backed up to CD (with the more personal sections encrypted); all I've got left is to make my note sheet for tomorrow's exam.

It's been one hell of a semester. Hopefully, 12 credits next semester will give me a chance to recover- and with 3 of those as research, I should have a great deal of fun with it, as well!

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