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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Pictures I took when it snowed last Thursday
airbrushed, thoughtful

Behind Olin Behind Olin

Photo of campus after the snowfall between Olin Library (not shown, off to the left), Eads Hall (the main building in the picture), and the Engineering School (a bit at left but largely not shown).
Lopata Courtyard Lopata Courtyard

Taken from the second-and-a-half floor bridge between Cupples II and Bryan Hall, it's the courtyard between the buildings of the Engineering School, complete with landscape guy putting salt over the path.
Side of the Engineering School Side of the Engineering School

Also taken from the bridge between Cupples II and Bryan, this is from the other side of the bridge, one of the walkpaths down from Louderman Hall (the Chemistry building, at front) to the ground floor of Cupples II (at left) or Bryan (at right). Really pretty in the snow, isn't it?
Fields Fields

The only sport going on in the Intramural Fields with them like this is going to be snowball fights.
Jolley Atrium Window Jolley Atrium Window

So there's this atrium in Jolley with a view of this big, multi-story window that gives a nice view of the adjacent residential district...
Olin Library Olin Library

It's just this white blanket, the snow barely stepped upon, behind Olin Library (at left).
Out The Back Door Out The Back Door

Small House 9, my dorm, is right next to a parking lot. This is the view out the back door. I bet a few people are hoping they have ice scrapers...
Tree Tree

This is the only tree on campus that was still showing fall colors but hadn't lost its leaves yet... a nice contrast to the snow.

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My favorite is the first picture.

Do you want me to e-mail you the full-sized version (via your LiveJournal e-mail forwarding)? It's twice the size in each dimension, which should be more than sufficient to use as a desktop background.

Nah. But thanks! :) Hey, if you want to meet up sometime, let me know. I'm on campus on Thursdays for an evening photojournalism class.

Well, I'm off campus until next semester- my parents, as usual, have hauled me home for Reading Week and I'll be commuting to my finals. But next semester, it's a possibility!

Fair warning, though, is that my Asperger's syndrome and your hearing difficulty might interact Badly. I cannot be relied on to produce or understand correct visual cues, and I tend to stall badly in my speech- I sound a lot smarter online because you don't get to hear all the "uhhm, errr, buhhh..." I have no idea how much you rely on a person's visual cues, but mine are fairly badly broken. Although there's always scribbling things down on my PDA- with the help of its keyboard, because I have stunningly bad handwriting that was classified as a learning disability in elementary school. It's gotten better, but it's still not passable...

But that aside, it would be cool to meet up with you at some point, if your schedule works at all for next semester.

Stuttering isn't usually a problem. I just need you to speak more loudly if I ask you to or be patient if I can't undrestand something you say and ask you to repeat. It's usually not so bad if I'm talking to just one or two people, and they're understanding.

I'm going to sign up for the Advanced photo class, so I should be around some next semester too! Plus I live in Brentwood and my parents live in University City so I'm in the area a lot anyway.

Where are you from, anyhow?

I'm quite used to needing to speak up and repeat myself for my parents and, for that matter, my entire extended family, so it shouldn't be a problem!

I'm from the historical district of Ferguson; I've been homeschooled since 9th grade. I've lived here since 4th grade, and was in Richmond Heights before that. I'm about 15 miles-ish from campus at the moment, but given my inability to drive and preference to not live with my parents any longer than I have to, I live on campus during the semesters!

Mmm.. Olin library. One of my favorite libraries.

The hot chocolate is good, if expensive.

Mmmm, looks pretty to me. College campus architecture really isn't much special....but..eh.

I wish we had snow like that....it's only really snowed and stuck twice here so far.

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