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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Geek narcicssism
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So how narcissistic is it of me to be playing Tetris Attack (presently known as "Puzzle League", the most recent incarnation of the game, released last week for the GBA in a combined Dr. Mario/Puzzle League pack, which I bought just so I could have Tetris Attack on my Nintendo DS- between the three versions of the game I have, I've spent somewhere around $90 on one particular game because it isjust that awesome) on my GameCube's Game Boy Player, connected to my computer's DVR card... recording the game in case I do anything I want to show off?

Oh, if anybody's curious about it, I have this nice x6 chain to show y'all. Not my best, but I'm not used to the display lag caused by running the DVR trying to stream the data to disk- throws off timing a little. Any other Tetris Attack nuts out there who want to have a chain size bragging run?

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Hahahah, now you're getting me curious about these games! A chain run? Hmm...

I'm just addicted to puzzle games! If you've got a Game Boy Advance (or DS), I highly recommend the "Dr. Mario & Puzzle League" set I mentioned, as it really is that much fun. There's something just plain trippy about the altered state of consciousness a good run at a puzzle game can induce, y'know?

If you're curious, I can upload a quick video of a x7 chain to my webspace- unfortunately, the MPG to WMV convertor I use (and I don't have any other way to make the MPG a rational size) is designed for recording to the PocketPC, so economizes by dropping frames left and right, meaning the flashing effect of pieces being cleared and for that matter the chain counter (which flickers every frame to seem semitransparent) tend not to show up. It's a real x7, though! Which is impressive in regular play for a beginner or even a skilled player, but it's nowhere near the x22 world's record...

Would mencoder work? I'm not sure if mplayer/mencoder reads mpg files, but I'd guess so, though it doesn't support the variable framerate part of WMV, fixing it to a constant.

Seriously! That game rocks. I still have it on emulator (the SNES one) because it sooo rock.. hahah

What's the best Chain you've gotten, with or without garbage blocks from which to build counterattacks? My best Marathon mode chain is a x9, and with garbage blocks to build off of, I once got the coveted "?", indicating x14 or better. (Also a max-height garbage block...)

Well, when I play, I usually play VS.. I do 4-5 routinely, though I don't remember what my high high score is.

My partner in crime was really good though, and does 11+ here and there.. hehe..

At this point I'm good enough (on SNES emulator) to get x4 and x5 chains without trying too hard. My best is x11 :)

That puts you way ahead of me! My best chain without garbage is a x9, and my record with garbage blocks to build counterattacks off of is x? (this was Tetris Attack for the SNES, emulated- the GBA version has more responsive controls, which is helping me greatly, and it doesn't have the question mark), so it was at least a 14. (I think it actually was a 14- I don't think it was the second question mark or beyond.) I tend to set up quite a lot of x3 as they're really easy now; it takes some planning for a x4 or x5, although I'm good enough at Skill Chains to shove a x3 that high. If I set up a x4 or x5, I can usually figure something out halfway through to make it into a higher number- I'm starting to hit x6 and x7 regularly...

If Nintendo releases Tetris Attack for the Revolution and it allows for online play, I'm going to have to buy one. I'm a hopeless consumer whore.

On Pokemon Puzzle league game(yes, I did, and still do play pokemon games now and then), I can get an x5 if I'm lucky, I think my best record was an x7 or 8. I just don't really have the ability to plan far enough ahead. I like puzzle games(really, I like any genre except sports, racing being the exception). I just don't happen to have as much skill in them.

*Laughs* I've always been a Dr. Mario fan myself. I have the theme music playing contineously in the back of my head, nonstop..... :P

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