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Home for the duration

So yeah, I'm home again for Thanksgiving. I actually went home yesterday afternoon, but spent the time recovering from the mediocre decision to try to stay up until 7:30 AM to register for courses rather than wake up before 7:30 AM. The upshot to all that trouble, though, is that I'm registered for my classes- all three of them.

Yes, I'm wimping out to twelve credits. After this semester, I feel like I need a break. I haven't really had one for the last two and a half years, after all- I've been taking summer classes, too. So taking nine credits of class plust three credits of research should give me a chance to actually have time for friends- and job hunting. I'm intending to patch my schedule- I am more awake in the afternoons, but it's not very functional in society to wake up at noon. So despite having another 1:00 PM start to my schedule, I intend to get in the habit of waking up at 9:00 and do homework before class. Tuesday and Thursday have class at 2:30, so I think I'll be spending a lot more time in the Athletic Complex- my BMI is officially in the "obese" range, and I think it's damn well time to do something about it. (For the record, I'm quite confident that my BMI is exaggerating the issue. I'm somewhat overweight, but I also have a solid frame and a strong build; BMI, being a glorified height-to-weight chart, can't account for it.) More importantly, it'll feel good to get moving- the amount I've been feeling healthier just from weekend Belegarth has shown that.

So I'm taking:
Independent Research- Dr. William Smart (3 cr). This is actually a continuation of Selected Topics in Space Engineering: Dr. Swartwout recruited me because I've been useful as a programmer but need to be able to dedicate more time to it. Since Dr. Swartwout can only give Mechanical Engineering credit, he's working with Dr. Smart, who's in Computer Science. So this is actual nifty undergraduate research here.
Computer Systems Design- Dr. ??? Richard (3 cr). This is the sequel to Computer Architecture. I'm taking it primarily as a salvage course: by taking the successor to a course that I'm not getting much out of, I might learn how to combine the scraps that I am learning but not assembling from Dr. Bayazit. According to others, the professor is Really Good, so even though it starts to move a little out of my specialty (I'm better at programming than design and it interests me more), I should be able to learn it anyway.
Switching Theory- Dr. ??? Lockwood (3 cr). According to the course manual, this is like the last part of CS 201 CSE 240T in high gear- the part that dealt with automata, Turing machines, set theory- and this professor also has good reviews. The most important part is that the last part of CSE 240T absolutely kicked ass and was my favorite part of the course, dabbling in the most interesting parts of the subject- I'd love to take a full semester on that.
Abnormal Psychology: The Major Mental Disorders- Dr. ??? ???? (3 cr). It's required for my Psych minor. Now I can figure out everything that's wrong with me!

Combine that with getting in shape and preparing for the ACM competition, and I'll probably have plenty enough to do next semester.

For now, this Thanksgiving Break is only sort of a break- I slept through a lot of yesterday, then got the Really And For Sure last glitches worked out of my Psychology experiment. I spent today picking up what I forgot to grab yesterday at Washington University, then wounding my already-injured finances even more with Mario Kart DS. I'll be on Wi-Fi Connect at some point over the remainder of Thanksgiving Break, but I can't connect yet (no compatible access point- house networking is WPA-PSK, not WEP, but we've got a spare access point) so I don't have a Friend Code for the rest of y'all who have the game.

The reason why I haven't said much lately- I've been breaking down and burning out. My assignment load has been running me ragged- just too much to do between all my classes with heavy assignment loads. I've hit real burnout, and as much as I'm trying to get my homework done this week, I need the break. So I'm trying to split the difference between relaxing enough and not getting enough done- deadlines are approaching disturbingly quickly.

At least there isn't much of the semester left...

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