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color cycle (slow)

Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Last-minute photos before the server locks out (yes, I suck at photography)
chromatic self

Hawk In Flight Hawk In Flight

Too bad my camera was too slow in its power-on sequence... he was three feet in front of me, perched on the bike rack, and I couldn't get a clear picture!
Munch munch Munch munch

And this is why the hawk was there. There are plenty of these cute-yet-tasty fellows across campus...
Digger Digger

Squirrels are cute. Too bad the picture's a little blurry, but it's better than some I've done.
Hi There Hi There

Cutest. Squirrel. Ever.

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(Deleted comment)
I was. It was really cool- I skipped the first 15 minutes of Tech Writing just watching it, trying to get my camera ready. It was much more interested in the squirrel trying to hide under the bicycles than it was in me- the hawk got frustrated and gave up, so the squirrel (temporarily, at least) survived. The poor thing was visibly terrified, trembling, looking up at me with a "I escaped the hawk, please don't you eat me" for several seconds before running past me and racing up a tree.

As cute as the squirrel was, I was rooting for the hawk. The squirrel population on campus has, in my opinion, hit "overpopulation" levels, and we need predators.

(Deleted comment)
Well, so much for not giving a hoot about it!

One thing you did capture was the sheer size of the hawk, by comparison to the bikes! Definitely a red-tail - I can't think of anything else that size that would be on a college campus.

And I actually like the motion blur - it's awesome to see the way he's lifting off.

Pictures are fun.

If you want to take that top image (suitably modified) as a userpic, you're welcome to do so. I can crop and scale it down to size for you, but I figure you're better at that than I am. LJ's media uploads are down for the moment, though, so I don't think you could add it as a userpic immediately.

I read this comment in Arcs journal and thought, "Hey, this is a truly intriguing comment about gender identity that doesn't piss me off."

Then I was reading your journal, and came across this post about tools, and thought, "These are my words coming out of his mouth."*

I feel kind of disappointed that there's no contact info in your profile. I don't know if you'd ultimately end up being one of the many, many people I talk to once and never again for no apparent reason if we were to attempt to converse on, say, AIM - hell, I don't even know what we'd talk about - or maybe you don't talk to people On The Internet a whole lot except for LJ and such, but you seem pretty neat. Maybe you could Hit Me Up On The Internet some time. All my various addresses can be conveniently located in my profile. And don't let my journal fool you. I do, in fact, have things to say more than once every six months.

* I did not, however, consider more appropriate phrases such as "my words being typed by him" or "my words coming out of his keyboard" because "my words coming out of his mouth" is a freaking figure of speech and it is also not funny to make that joke anymore.

I'm not on AIM very often- I'm usually quite busy with homework, and when I'm at home, my parents have forbidden me from using it. (It's not a "when I'm at home" ban, it's a "that's when they can catch me" thing.) Never mind the fact that I'm a 19-year-old college junior, I'm Not Responsible Enough to be safe on the Internets, apparently. Weekly for not immediately diving into Invisible Mode is a good estimate; my AIM SN is the same as my LJ handle. (It's not on my userinfo because I've had some troll problems before- it's set as visible only to those on my Friends List.)

Don't let accidentally insightful comments or posts I make deceive you; my journal is not terribly interesting 90% of the time. I'm occasionally inspired to say something, and then it's hard to get me to shut up... I run against LJ's comment length limits more often than I'd like to admit. Including when typing with a PDA in the middle of class- I think I'm glad I bought the FITALY keyboard system, it really is possible to do 50 WPM on a PDA...

"The weather today will be cloudy with a chance of blinding insight."

Your parents are terrifying. The last time I had to deal with my parents being paranoid about the internets was at the age of thirteen. Mind you, I've never understood why. My dad embraces irrationality.

Excluding one or two notable exceptions, there aren't any journals that are universally interesting more than 10% of the time. Most of the journals on my friends list are boring all the time. At least yours has the possibility of blinding insight.

top tip: i actually did employ a thesaurus in composing this post

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