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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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As seen in the public computers at the Village...
color cycle (slow)

File System Full File System Full

Maybe a Macintosh isn't as reliable as you might be led to believe.

And I took another picture recently as well, but it's too disgusting to post. Let's just say that the restroom facilities in the male-only dorm are not entirely clean. Have you ever seen a restroom stall entirely covered in shit? Have you ever smelled one?

I'm glad there are several other bathrooms nearby. Across the street is good enough.

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In all my time of using Macs and OS X, I have never once seen a problem like that, and I have never had a problem I couldn't fix. =P

Have you ever seen a restroom stall entirely covered in shit?
My faith in humanity always takes a nosedive whenever I'm reminded some folks can't even use a bathroom properly.

Then again, some folks still can't spell "the" correctly, so I shouldn't be surprised.

The plot sickens- talking to the housekeeping staff who did clean it up, he had the same problem on the second floor of Rubelmann (a freshman dorm) last year- and there's exactly one resident in common between Ruby 2 last year and House 9 2 this year... the one with visible health problems from the addiction to drugs that he is quite proud of having.

All circumstantial evidence, of course, but useful anyway.

Fill up the FS on any operating system and you're in heaps of trouble. ;P

Thaaat was me. Silly LJ.

Heaps of trouble, or at least inodes of trouble!

Eeew. I lived in several all male dorms and never saw anything that bad.

As for the Mac, actually, that's a UNIX symptom. Either the system's cleanup functions have been suppressed by someone, or someone tried to write a file to tmp that was larger than the disk drive could accept. Either way, it's likely a case of user error. Linux can display similar errors. Windows, at least in some versions, displays no error at all but just locks up under those circumstances.

As some people don't really seem to grasp, Macs are also computers. They can also go wrong. Windows is not actually that bad an OS :p

Windows is not actually that bad an OS :p
Yes, yes it is. :P

Hrm ;) I don't deny there are bad things about Windows, but since Windows 2000 I think the core OS is comparable to other modern OSes. I'm proxying this through a Win2K machine that's been running for 29 days now. A lot of the problems come from the billions of combinations of often dodgy third-party drivers which sometimes don't play well together, and the odd badly-written program (which is unlikely to bring down the machine, that's really driver problems). The only reason I've rebooted this WinXP Pro machine once in the last couple of weeks is that a particularly obstinate seven-year-old game crashed and refused to work again until I did.

My problems with the other two major OSes, though, are that Linux is not really ready for the end-user when editing text configuration files is fairly normal and installing programs can often be jumping through a maze of fiery hoops, while Macs are tied in to Apple's unreasonably expensive hardware (a $3000 G5 is probably equivalent to a $1500 PC, and also has a graphics card which was middle of the line two years ago). Of course, Windows has problems also - but you can also bring up the old chestnut of 'everything runs on Windows because it's the dominant platform'.. I'm probably already in for a beating by now :p

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