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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Political problems that need to be solved violently with a sledgehammer
a look of abject horror, yikes
"In addition, the board rewrote the definition of science, so that it is no longer limited to the search for natural explanations of phenomena."

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At least Dover did okay in the elections.. though rather it'll hold up in other counties is another story..

Calm down. Science can still be scientific if the definition isn't limited to the search for natural explanations of phenomena.
Science is a lot of things OTHER than "the search for natural explanations of phenomena".

Actually, it's not. If it can be measured and explained, it's natural and can be explored scientifically. Like quantum mechanics, for instance. It's crazy as hell, counter-intuitive, and borderline mystical, but because it can be measured, explained, and put into a theoretical framework (ie, a set of rules that can predict future events and be falsified), it is scientific.

Well, now you're just using a facile definition of "natural".

How so? My definition is "if it occurs in nature, it is natural." All the crazyiness of quantum mechanics happens to be naturally occurring. Unless magic can both be conclusively proven and conclusively proven to not exist in the natural world (like, say, metastable einsteinium or buckyballs), it is naturally occuring. Like wave/particle nature of light.

No, your definition was "If it can be measured and explained, it's natural".

If they can redefine science, I think it's only fair that we can redefine various Judeo-Christian terms. Maybe we should try and get a law passed that Evolution has to be taught alongside Intelligent Design in sunday school. Or maybe we should just be allowed to shoot stupid people.

ZOMG. And then I fell over dead x_x

I find it rather amusing to imagine what they must think of my studying 1A Evolution and Behaviour. The first half of the first lecture was attacking Intelligent Design.

Frankly, Intelligent Design is rather a misnomer. The being can't have been very intelligent to make so many things which are not optimal.. in our lectures we covered the mammalian eye being back to front (molluscs have it right), and the human male vas deferens looping around the bladder for no reason other than it always did. In a more recent lecture, a pathway was given (in quite a different context) for the production of thymine, which shows a phosphorylation followed immediately by a double dephosphorylation. How's that for a non-optimal pathway?

Not to mention many of the things that we consider 'leftovers' from evolution, such as the appendix or wisdom teeth. What exactly is intelligent about designing a person with an organ such as the appendix, which doesn't have a viable function, yet can be a potential serious risk?

Anyway, I only responded because I wanted to say: "What's so intelligent about wisdom teeth?" There, I said it. I'll sit down now. ^_^

Indeed! I've seen the appendix cited elsewhere.. that's certainly a nice vestigal structure which we'd do very well to get rid of.

*grins* As for the teeth.. as we learn from D&D, Intelligence and Wisdom are different stats ;)

Isn't this the same state that redefined π as 3?

It seems that was actually Indiana, and it failed in the state Senate in 1897.. the Alabama story is an urban legend.

No, actually, I think that was Pi.

Er, uh, I mean Tennesee.

I can see how this came up. You have a lot of important people in Kansas discussing and coming up with,
"So, yeah.. the only bloody thing we're known for is being the home state of the main character in a not particularly good children's book. We got to do something about this."
"Hey, how 'bout we get a reputation as being the most insanely stupid state!"
"Great idea! You're in charge of our new PR project."

We're going back to the dark ages. Religion is slowly beginning to take over science again.

You notice how they don't mention the "evidence" poking holes in evolutionary theory?

But, really, how can these assholes have that much gall? Would they like it if the courts defined Christianity as something it isn't?

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