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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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ACM, etc.
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So in a weekend of frantic e-mails, the details of the ACM contest have been ironed out- two weeks from today (technically speaking), It Begins.

Washington University could send six people, so we've got WUSTL-0 and WUSTL-1. It worries me that only WUSTL-0 is listed in the registration page for Webster University, our selected venue... James says he got confirmation for both, and the checksum matches (they'd be the 12th team in a twelve-team site), but still... I'm in WUSTL-0, though, so the only thing I have to worry about is that I'm expected to show up by 9:30 AM. There's nowhere to even eat breakfast on this stupid campus on a weekend before 11:00 in the morning. "Continental breakfast will be provided", sure, but that is usually donut-driven and that does Very Disgusting Things to my digestion. Maybe if I ask the manager at the Village Grill reeeeeal nice, he'll have someone in two and a half hours early to make six omelettes... nah, doesn't sound very probable to me either. I'll ask anyway. (Mmm. Omelettes.)

The team split is high-low, not even- James, Albert, and myself are WUSTL-0, with Tom, Mike, and Zhen on WUSTL-1. (At least one of these people other than myself regularly reads my LiveJournal, and I have my suspicions about a second...) Team 0 has veterans- James and I were in last year, and Albert has had more experience than myself with TopCoder and is, in my opinion, a much better programmer overall. Tom and Mike are, I believe, new to this, while Zhen was going to be on our secondary team last year but was left out in the cold when Charlie bailed out. So in short, it'll be really embarassing if our team scores lower than WUSTL-1... No offense, person who reads my journal!

Anyway, this should be interesting...

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A continental breakfast involves doughnuts? Not in any country on the Continent I've been to :p

At any rate, good luck!

WHAT? You get a REAL ACM contest?! Be glad it couldn't be any worse than that crap contest around here. Write a shuffle algorithm... pfft. Does this contest qualify you for any higher levels of the contest or is it strictly local?

Go to $convenience_store and buy cereal. That works. It's like breakfast at a furry con. It just doesn't work.

A shuffle algorithm isn't anything that would be ACM-legal; output is required to be unique so programs can be tested with what amounts to diff. But yes, this is a real ACM contest, and if our team finishes top five in the region, we go to the World Finals.

Pardon my non-code-nor-ubermath-fluent little head, but...what's an ACM contest?

...Coding contest of some sort?

(Yes. Definitely ask about the omelettes. I'm not very fond of the /quality/ of the omelettes here at my dining hall, but I'm tickled pink by the fact that I can eat an Omelette With *Everything* on it, every day, for breakfast.)

I'll be happy even if I just get my toy-problem right. No offense taken :)

--Person Who Reads Your Journal™

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