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I Have A Remarkably Low Opinion Of Dr. Bayazit Right Now

Computer Architecture class has hit a new low.

I'm in class right now, hypothetically paying attention. The fact that I'm making a LiveJournal post should show exactly how much attention I am actually paying.

Dr. Bayazit is out for some reason; he had a guest lecturer for two lectures, but this lecture, the TA is trying to teach. That's not always unreasonable; I've seen it work out before.

The TA seems to have a better command of the English language than Dr. Bayazit. He's answering the questions better. It is not encouraging for a TA to teach better than the associated professor. But that's not why the class has hit its low point; it's the material.

Dr. Bayazit has decided to teach us the basics of VHDL. This was all taught in Digital Logic, a prereq for the class. Everybody in the room should already know this material. I cannot stand classes that spend so much time teaching us something we already know...

Did I mention that the Powerpoinc slides are as gramatically busted as Dr. Bayazit's usual fare? Or that we're being stepped through a Flash tutorial on the course wepsite- with the TA reading verbatim off the screen?

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