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On Styrofoam Swordplay and Homework

Y'know, whacking people with duct-tape-and-styrofoam swords for two and a half hours on a Sunday afternoon is a great way to blow off steam for the week, even though I got my ass handed to me on a plate. It's more aerobic than it might sound like- and if it sounds aerobic, let me repeat the statement that it's still more aerobic than it sounds like. It's good, though- I need exercise, and I think I've found something to do for it. Two hours weekly isn't great, but add that to biking back and forth across campus several times a day and it's not so unreasonable.

Belegarth is not, as I had misidentified it earlier, anything to do with the SCA. (There are a lot of jokes about it, actually.) But there's still something amusing about attacking a sweaty bald guy in chain mail (yes, chain mail- it's worth an extra hit point against one-handed weapons and is impervious to one-handed stabs) with what amounts to a Nerf bat... I'm not particularly good at it, but can I be expected to be? It's my first try! Sure, I managed to beat Stef several times in one-on-one sparring, but he's as new as I am. (It was really fun when I got him off balance, gave him a good whack to his shield, and watched him roll ass over teakettle- and hit him square in the butt in the process. (It seems appropriately sarcatic of a target.) Butt counts as body, and one body hit is fatal...) But hey, I'll get better with practice, and I do intend to stay with this- it's a lot of fun!

It's not helping me get my homework done to go and play the Medival variant of paintball on the Swamp for two and a half hours, but it might have helped overall- I feel a lot better in general from getting to actually exercise, and whacking people with a cloth-covered styrofoam sword is just stress relief all the way. So let's see if I can get that inane Computer Architecture assignment done before tomorrow, then Tech writing before Tuesday (and then the briefing about General Mills positions), then my CS lab on Thursday- and the interview for that internship position.

The interview worries me. How many spots do they have? I recognize half the names on the list. I know it's not nice of me to say this about someone I respect, but I know I have a better chance than Karan; I'm simply a better computer scientist. (He's done quite well on the Akoya project, mind you, and is probably better than most computer scientists- but considering the obvious things he missed in the thermometer code (he took my fix and ran with it, expanding it to solve another problem- yay for indirect team solution!), I might have an edge.) I'm worried about Zhen; I know he's been in a lot of the CS classes I have, and as I recall, he's fairly quiet- but I also seem to remember him getting high scores.

This is going to be an interesting week.

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