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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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On Styrofoam Swordplay and Homework
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Y'know, whacking people with duct-tape-and-styrofoam swords for two and a half hours on a Sunday afternoon is a great way to blow off steam for the week, even though I got my ass handed to me on a plate. It's more aerobic than it might sound like- and if it sounds aerobic, let me repeat the statement that it's still more aerobic than it sounds like. It's good, though- I need exercise, and I think I've found something to do for it. Two hours weekly isn't great, but add that to biking back and forth across campus several times a day and it's not so unreasonable.

Belegarth is not, as I had misidentified it earlier, anything to do with the SCA. (There are a lot of jokes about it, actually.) But there's still something amusing about attacking a sweaty bald guy in chain mail (yes, chain mail- it's worth an extra hit point against one-handed weapons and is impervious to one-handed stabs) with what amounts to a Nerf bat... I'm not particularly good at it, but can I be expected to be? It's my first try! Sure, I managed to beat Stef several times in one-on-one sparring, but he's as new as I am. (It was really fun when I got him off balance, gave him a good whack to his shield, and watched him roll ass over teakettle- and hit him square in the butt in the process. (It seems appropriately sarcatic of a target.) Butt counts as body, and one body hit is fatal...) But hey, I'll get better with practice, and I do intend to stay with this- it's a lot of fun!

It's not helping me get my homework done to go and play the Medival variant of paintball on the Swamp for two and a half hours, but it might have helped overall- I feel a lot better in general from getting to actually exercise, and whacking people with a cloth-covered styrofoam sword is just stress relief all the way. So let's see if I can get that inane Computer Architecture assignment done before tomorrow, then Tech writing before Tuesday (and then the briefing about General Mills positions), then my CS lab on Thursday- and the interview for that internship position.

The interview worries me. How many spots do they have? I recognize half the names on the list. I know it's not nice of me to say this about someone I respect, but I know I have a better chance than Karan; I'm simply a better computer scientist. (He's done quite well on the Akoya project, mind you, and is probably better than most computer scientists- but considering the obvious things he missed in the thermometer code (he took my fix and ran with it, expanding it to solve another problem- yay for indirect team solution!), I might have an edge.) I'm worried about Zhen; I know he's been in a lot of the CS classes I have, and as I recall, he's fairly quiet- but I also seem to remember him getting high scores.

This is going to be an interesting week.

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Ah! I too, have recently joined a Belegarth group on at my college--although a bit earlier than you have, it seems. I've been to a couple weeks worth of practice. Sadly, everyone around here fights in short-sleeved garb, so we'll probably be stopping outdoor practice for the winter fairly soon.

It *is* fun, isn't it?

I fight with a spear, actually. I was doing pretty good against the other newcomers, until the veteran that started out group pointed out that the best thing to do with a spear-user is to grab the haft and rush them. >_<;

But I too, shall get better at this.

Best of luck and skill on the job interview, Kistaro.

Of course, one of the people in our Belegarth group expressed happiness that the weather has taken a slightly cooler turn, because it let him actually wear his tunic...

Yeah, a spear strikes me as something difficult to use effectively. I have enough trouble with a sword- and it has more than a small tip of contact area... I didn't try the two-handed broadsword. I'll probably want to do that when I next get a chance.

I hope I do well on the job interview- it's nothing I've ever done before. But GM contacted me and asked me for my resume because my name came up in a conversation with professors, so maybe they're pre-impressed...

Y'know, whacking people with duct-tape-and-styrofoam swords for two and a half hours on a Sunday afternoon is a great way to blow off steam for the week, even though I got my ass handed to me on a plate.

I might get to try something similar. You know those sticks with soft tips on the end? I can't remember the name, but the Latin teacher at the school I go to has a pair of those made my a friend of mine. I proposed using those in Latin club for a gladiator tourney to raise money(cause what's a better way to draw a crowd than seeing people get beat with stuff?). Hasn't been proposed to the school admins yet, but I can hope.

Best of luck on the interview. I know you'll get it.

Hey there. I'm not sure how else to reach you, so I hope you'll read this.

I found your tickmark on the Frapper google furries page, and you were asking if anyone else is at WashU. Well, I work at WUSM, take a photography class one night a week on main campus Thursday nights in Eads, and I live in Brentwood. My dad works at WU (he's a professor in the chem department) and I grew up in University City, so I hope that answers your question! Feel free to e-mail me at my LJ forward address (I have a paid account) if you like!

Hello there! LiveJournal is for communication, is it not? This is a reasonable method of saying "hi"!

I've actually seen you around on other peoples' comment pages- warphammer, for one. You just have a locked journal, so I haven't had much to look at when getting curious and poking at your username link at the top of comments!

Well, I didn't know you were trying to look. :) I friendslisted you, so it's readable now.

I got paranoid about my boss, etc. reading it. Ah well. Better to be safe than sorry, even though I doubt I'd get in trouble for having a journal.

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