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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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For those who were wondering...
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...Yes, the dryer does work better now. Yes, the "solution" that Coinmach provided is as unworkable as it seems. Yes, it is as bad for my asthma, disgusting to watch, and unpleasant as it seems for the vent of the dryer to be rerouted from the badly-clogged vent pipe to simply sticking out the top of the drier, causing a small volcano of lint and the entire fucking floor to wind up unpleasantly hot and humid every time the drier is run. I'm so glad I've got a dehumidifier in my room. Nothing I can do about the whole residence area stinking like fabric softener.

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Are they idiots?!?

Have they not heard of cleaning the vent pipe?

You seriously need to complain to someone who'll actually do something worthwhile. Bring up the medical side as much as necessary to actually get something done. Sometimes people won't do something because "I don't like this" but will for "This aggravates medical problems."

A conversation with my father revealed that it's actually against building code to have a dryer not vent outside. (Not sure whether that's federal or local.) It's a bad idea for a lot of reasons, mostly medical.

I've gone to the Village's front desk and got a list of people to e-mail and phone, which I will do if (and only if) I can find time.

Idea seconded. Well, thirded.

As an immediate mitigation measure, can you at least duct-tape a sock to the dryer vent so it doesn't spew lint into the air?

And as for who to complain to in order to get something done -- if you can't find anyone who cares about getting it fixed, going straight to the county (You're in St. Louis County, yes?) may light a fire under some administrators' butts. Being nailed for code violations may threaten the job security of those who make it their business not to care.

Blocking off the end of the vent (which is too wide for footwear) will defeat the entire purpose of the damage in the first place- to make the dryer actually work. Because it does now actually dry clothes, I don't think the sock would be a popular idea.

The administration is sympathetic. Coinmach, the company providing the dryers, is not. Still, I'll get into contact with the contacts I've got and explain how it's causing me asthma trouble- and if they don't or can't act, then I'll have to bother the city administration. I'll also get the campus newspaper, disreputable though it tends to be (generally half-deserved; they've got some real journalistic trouble, but limeonaire is trying her best to fix it up), involved in this if it's not fixed by Monday afternoon.

Just remember that the county probably has larger considerations than one dormitory's laundromat facilities violating buiding health/safety codes when they're backlogged with worse. *shrug*

The purpose of the sock/sock substitute is not to block the vent. Think of it as a jerry-rigged lint filter. The air is forced through the tiny holes in the weave of the fabric (since you've taped it on); the dryer crap gets stuck in it. Same principle as breathing through a wet handkerchief in a fire.

It's obviously far from an ideal solution, and the sock should be considered expendable -- but if it's either that or have the entire hallway be a dusty haze, it is, as I said, a piece of immediate mitigation.

Oh, and. If the dryer is powered by gas rather than electricity, not only do you get to deal with air full of lint, you also get to deal with carbon monoxide. You are quite likely not the only one at health risk.

(And note again that I'm not recommending the vent sock as a permanent solution. Just as a way to stop breathing lint until someone's ass gets kicked enough to deal with it.)

Oh, that'll be a problem. By the fact that it's got a well-insulated metal hose to the back as well as a power connection, it's a gas dryer. I've left a message to that effect on the RA's white board, left a warning sign on the dryer (if it gets removed, I'll be tempted to write it on the dryer with permanent marker), and sent off a few e-mails. I'm tempted to unplug the dryer, but such an action would probably be frowned upon- I'll leave that to Tim, the RA.

Of all the things I didn't bring to college, a carbon monoxide detector was one of them. Now I'm contemplating heading home for the weekend- for things like this, I doubt my parents would be too upset at a midnight run to get me home from Washington University.

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Yay for getting the media involved...

Right now, a phone call isn't convenient for me. I've got to throw clothes on and eat breakfast (lunch?) before an appointment with the Nanosat-4 programming team (the rest of it, anyway) at 2:00 in which I'll test the repairs I made to the thermometer logic and see if I actually fixed anything.

Would it work for you to head across to the Village Grill- y'know, the food area- and meet me over there in about ten minutes, or a bit longer, and I can talk to you about it over (my, anyway) breakfast? Otherwise, you might have to wait until after I'm done testing the thermometer code, and depending upon whether or not it compiles the first time (ha! Yeah, right), that could take a while.

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