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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Of homework, exhaustion, and the Bookshelf Fairy
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By some miracle, I got my assignment for Technical Writing actually turned in on time. 24 pages of SUSE Linux 9.3 Installation Guide in two weeks flat. The assignment was "instruction guide", the subjects were of our choosing; I made a bad choice. Most people got off in three or four pages at most. So that's what's been draining my time recently; at least the next assignment shouldn't be quite so insane. I intend to completely waste this evening, spending it mostly watching The Amazing Race and then falling asleep.

I got a nice surprise when I got back from class, though: I was visited by the Bookshelf Fairy! The Bookshelf Fairy is a magical creature that flits to the dormitories of unfortunate but deserving students, finding out who had not been given the standard university-issued bookshelf at the beginning of the year and lavishing upon them this excellent gift. I found that she had visited me when I all but stumbled into the wooden rectangle just inside my door. A bit of furniture rearrangement later, and I have an actual bookshelf now. Yay! It's larger and of a higher quality than any of the other bookshelves I've ever had here- maybe they just plain ran out and had to order more as an explanation for why they weren't here before.

The Bookshelf Fairy, incidentally, is probably Maintenance under the guidance of Sharon, the ex-receptionist who is now the Director of the North Residential Area. (I call that a field promotion.) I do think I'll make a Bookshelf Fairy remark to her the next time our paths cross.

Maybe I'll have recovered from that homework assignment by the end of this week...

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Starting job tomorrow - err, today. (12:04 local...)

Still don't think fixes all "took" - will email if I remember and get access. Don't know if I will. If you get a chance, would appreciate something from you. :)

Yay, TAR. I think it's sorta cute, what with the kids and all, but somewhat boring, what with all the driving and all, and somewhat annoying, what with all the disfunctional families and all. I missed the first episode (long story) but saw it last night.

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