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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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The Chu Chu Rocket Effect
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The Chu Chu Rocket Effect: Applies to any video game with a weird title, weird premise, weird screenshots, weird manual, and weird theory. The entire game sounds very odd, quirky, and has a "why the hell would I want to play this" feel to it...

right up until you start playing, at which point it becomes an instant favorite.

It's named after a very good example of the effect, in Chu Chu Rocket... but I think Super Monkey Ball from the same company does it as well.

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Reading that was particularly funny since I'm listening to the soundtrack to Marble Madness XD Yaaaay Meridian music player!

I've heard that "Mister Domino" is the same way. I saw a review in Playstation Magazine, years ago, that described it similarily. Going from memory, they said there were three steps with being introduced to this game:
1. What the hell is THAT!?
2. Heheheh. This is kinda cute.
3. *crying* I love you, Mister Domino!
There's another Japanese Playstation game that they released in the USA too, but I can't remember the name... I think it was the name for some sort of heart-failure related disease, but it the game was described as a perfectly ordinary family's not ordinary day. For example, when you're playing as the mother (I think) you enter a bank and it's being robbed by dog-headed men and you have to defeat them somehow. Nothing in the game is explained. I haven't played either of those games, but I really want to, now that I started thinking about them again.

...that last one sounds sort of like MYST in more ways than I'd like to think. Especially that "nothing is explained" bit.

Actually, the most famous Chu Chu Rocket effect of all- the award should probably be named after it, but its name is taken for a bunch of other awards- is Tetris.

I mean, how dumb does it sound to line up falling blocks for hours on end?

And what is it that motivates me to play it incessantly? (LV. 16 is the highest I've gotten- 168 lines. Only two away from L17.)

*whistles the theme song*

Tetris and tetris-type games are basically board games, except they require motion and randomness that you couldn't /get/ with an ordinary board game; only with a computer.

Firstly, Myst is evil. Evil, evil, evil. I never finished it.

Tetris, meanwhile, is good. I think that, the simpler the premise, the more universally enjoyed the game is - a historical combat sim is only enjoyed by people who like that sort of thing, but you don't need any particular interests to line up falling blocks.


1. Turn all the Marker Switches on on the island.
2. Turn the MS by the shore off.
3. Take the green page.
4. Go to the Library.
5. One of the burned books only looks burned; it's a big book of patterns of dots. Find page... uhh, I think it's 152 or 153.
6. Write down the pattern on the page.
7. Step into the fireplace.
8. Push the red button on the inside side of the fireplace; you'll be locked in.
9. Push the panel in front of you to create the pattern in the book.
10. Open the Green Book.
11. Insert the Green Page into the Green Book, freeing Atrus.
12. Enter the Green Book.
13. You win. Yee.

::Listens with a vacant expression in her eyes having no clue what is bein said:: huh? hehehehehehehe

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