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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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We Get Signal
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I'm starting to learn what places on campus have wireless Internet access. Several of the more useful ones, like this one in the Bakery, are undocumented- they “leak” from other rooms' access points. It helps that this PDA has a strong radio...

Still sick, and I'm trying to figure out if i'm better or worse. No sore throat, but a stuffy nose and a non-deterministic fever- it's a lot better than it was this morning, but I can only hope that the pattern will hold. A large, cold, vitamin-C filled smoothie has to help...

I'm doing better this run at not letting my illness drive me to the ground; I've nearly been keeping up with my classes and assignments. I rather have to- my classes are getting kinda intense. It's a good thing I'm only doing 14 credits...

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Unfortunately my university have a policy that all wireless access points have their SSID hidden, which is purely an inconvenience and not a security feature.

All your vitamin C are belong to lizard?


I hope you start feeling better soon.

*Chuckles* If you can't decided if your feeling better or worse, chances are you're not feeling better... n.n

Ok, some - maybe not so helpful but I hope it works - advice.

Close everything down. Pull it all back in on yourself, and accept nothing from outside sources. It's a bitch to do admittedly, but there are times when it just seems to work. I'm currently feeling as guilty as hell because I've had to shut down the permanent streams of Reiki that I usually send out - I'm getting the feeling that they're tainted because I've got the bloody flu myself.

Weather changes that bring the bugs out to play are not fun. I'd send help, but you don't want my flu on top of yours. Vit C is good, see if you can get your hands on some Echinacea as well, it doesn't kill the problem, but it does help limit the severity.

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