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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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Illness, as usual
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A frustrating pattern I find myself prone to: getting sick at the start of the school year. I usually assign my early symptoms to allergies, and I'm quite properly sick before I take appropriate action.

Trying to break the pattern here- I'm admitting that I'm properly ill with some form of cold and am aggressively pre-medicating with turkey and rlce soup, caffiene, and mostly just bracing for it; these illnesses usually have me in bad shape for at least two weeks.

Advice for minimizing impact and/or prayers/magic religion dependent, of course) are quite welcome...

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Unfortunately it appears to be common.. I'd rather not contract something when I go off in three weeks.

For colds: as it is a virus that is actively destroying your cells in order to produce more of its own, there is obviously only one answer: pre-emptively obliterate all of your own cells!

Uh...more seriously, decongestants, adequate bed rest, vitamin C, anti-oxidants, and various lozenges/honey teas/whatever-soothes-your-throat are the best advice I can give.

"Quite properly sick?" [The writer/English major in me strikes the desktop]

Anyway, I hope you feel better and don't have to go through two weeks of miserable illness. I really don't want you to get under the weather like I have been this past week. Its not fun. My best wishes for your continued health! May you be much more fortunate that I or several of the people in my chapter (various illnesses) have been!

Advice: Just keep getting sleep and don't be foolish with your diet. You probably don't need me to say that though...

I would advocate consuming plenty of vitamin C ... but then I realize that, given your eating habits, you're probably already doing so. ,'P If you aren't ... vitamin C is your friend.

I almost ended up catching something but aggressive intake of 200-400% the recommended daily amount of vitamin C seems to have done quite well at heading it off. I hope you're as fortunate.

I hope whatever you're catching goes away soon. Before it really starts would be best. ,'P

Well, assuming 50% vitamin C for an entire Orchard Quench smoothie from the Bakery, which I know is a drastically low estimate, I'm at 300% intake so far today. Note that this is nothing out of the ordinary for me.

On to the next bottle of juice...

For the future - as soon as you find your throat feeling sore, or your nose a bit congested, try gargling and swishing your mouth with Listerine. It's seriously a great way to head these things off at the pass.

There's also the application of sufficient force of will to stave off sickness, which actually seems to work rather well in my case. Force of will bolsters the immune system...

My Dr. recommended Listerine too, to prevent and/or cure sore throats - but he himself claimed it might be an old wives' tale.

PS, I do it too.

This is going to sound ickky, and if you try it, it might -feel- icky, but several -doctors- swear by it. Snort warm saline up your nose.

Soup and juice are good, but vitamin C really does help.

Stay away from caffiene, for 2 reasons, 1. you need rest. 2. you need fluids; caffiene is a diuretic, making you "lose" fluids.

Turkey and rIce soup is definitely a good way to go. It has much of what your body needs now: liquid (water), a little protein, a little veggies, hot (to help clear out your throat & nasal passages), tryptophan (to make you sleepy).

There are insufficient amounts of tryptophan in turkey to induce sleepiness, especially with the presence of protein in the turkey.

Except caffeine is very effective at controlling my asthma, and its side effects are very minor compared to the side effects of "real" asthma medication. It's actually a good idea for me right now...

Take a couple of vitamin C tablets every now and then.

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