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Kistaro Windrider, Reptillian Situation Assessor

Unfortunately, I Really Am That Nerdy

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The Gods answer requests in surprisingly blatant ways.

I do tend to meditate on things I need or decisions I'm making as a matter of course; it just seems to be a good habit to have.
One of them has been the "Should I get a new PDA?" quandary.

I think the display model of the exact PDA I was interested in being sold off at the local Office Depot for $200 below list price qualifies as an answer.

Now to find a compatible keyboard; they didn't have any at OfficeDepot or at the Best Buy I looked at. It's not a huge deal; I've been getting really fast with a FITALY keyboard anyway.

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If you haven't done so already, you may wish to invest in some screen protectors. You've seen how I tend to slightly mistreat my screen by frequently using my fingers instead of the stylus, especially when I'm in a hurry and not doing anything that requires writing, and although I do need to change the screen protector at some point soon because it's starting to get a bit hard to see through, my screen itself is still in nice shape, and my screen protector is only in as bad of shape as it is because I've had the same one on there for two years. At I think 12 in the box for (when I got them, anyway) about $20, it's a good investment. Mine will probably outlive my PDA. If I changed them a bit more frequently, say the once a year I originally planned over even once a semester, they still might outlive my PDA.

My keyboard is manufactured by Targus, with the line being called the Stowaway. It's worked well for me, has the intelligent design of having not only the connection to the PDA but also a connection where the PDA's AC adapter can be plugged in to charge the battery while you're working, and if they're still making them, I strongly recommend it.

I had screen protectors for the other PDA. It has a slightly physically larger display, but a pair of scissors and the protectors should fit.

I did look for them and a keyboard while I was out, but couldn't find either compatible with the device. I did find a Targus Folding Infra-Red keyboard, but no other; it's got good reviews, but I didn't want to buy it at the time because I hadn't looked it up. It's cheaper than HP's just-for-this-PPC model (the Targus is universal, as it communicates through the IR port), but it does require its own batteries.

So thanks, but I've got that covered! I do wish I could find some other keyboard, though- that Targus one I saw (but didn't buy) was fairly bulky.

What is that PDA then? Don't say it's the hx4700 with its insane touchpad :p

I use a ThinkOutside infrared keyboard myself, but they also do a Bluetooth one which would frankly be a lot more convenient.

That was one of the store models I passed over after laughing hysterically at that bletcherous input method. You have a perfectly good PDA touch screen, so you add a touchpad? I hate touchpads! They suck! A touchpad serves no purpose other than to give me wrist cramps while making the cursor bounce randomly across the screen!

I can't use an infrared keyboard; the iPAQ hx2415 doesn't even have an IR port, as far as I can tell. It does have Bluetooth, however- the problem is that using Bluetooth slows down communications rates with Wi-Fi. I'd rather just use a wired keyboard that won't require its own battery source, but that may not even be an option anymore...

I agree.. my laptop has a touchpad which I've got more used to now, but it's definitely not a good input method. It's terribly silly on a touchscreen PDA.

Apparently the IR port is to the left of the card slots, incidentally?

And wouldn't you know it, there's a little wireless communication signal- I think that's what a ball with 45-degree arcs is- right to the left of the card slots. I'd assigned that to the location of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennae- but it's IR? Okay, thanks!

If only the direction booklets (of course there's no manual) had the good grace to say that...

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