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Taco Bell: my vice. It's bad for me, it's bad for my stomach, and it's bad for Immokalee tomato pickers, but I like it. Once in a while.

I headed there for lunch today (to the one on campus that's going to get ripped out over winter break) and found that the woman running the register had apparently gone completely batshit crazy. I don't mean "a little off", I mean what I said and what I said is "completely batshit crazy". Ever seen the original Daffy Duck cartoons? Not the one where he's an evil bastard who hates Bugs, but where he's completely fucking nuts. Well, she was about like that.

It turned out she had reason to have lost her sanity and never found it again: Her manager took Labor Day off, so they had nobody to pick up the shipment of ingredients for Monday. (They went to another Taco Bell in the area, lest you worry about such "food" going to waste.) Among the things they were out of:

  • Hard taco shells

  • Gordita shells

  • Chalupa shells

  • Nacho guaccamole

  • Beef

That last one sorta had to suck.

Fortunately, I was coming in for a chicken taco anyway. But let me tell you, a Taco Bell with no ingredients is a sad thing to watch. A funny thing, but sad nonetheless.

I'd gotten an email from Dr. Swartout indicating that there were actually two textbooks, not one, for my Space Engineering class, so I went to buy it. Along the way, I again observed the box for Microsoft OneNote. I'd heard good things about it. Despite my Linux affinity, I do believe that Microsoft can and does produce good software- their operating system just isn't any of it. One thing on the box caught my attention: Compatible with Notes for a Windows Mobile-powered PocketPC.

Now my PocketPC is six years old, but I don't think they've changed the Notes application. (Incidentally, as I've discovered that it works better than I remembered it, plans to get a new PDA have been put on hold until I win the TopCoder Collegiate Challenge in a few months. All right, so I'm making an assumption here, but if I can finish in 90th place in the Open, I might make it onsite for the Collegiate Challenge, right?) So I decided to buy it- in the worst case, it would work with the new PocketPC I was planning to get eventually and it would just be bumped up some. Using my PDA and the keyboard I had for it, I'd been taking notes; I've learned how to use its Notes application effectively for the purpose rather than relying on my Voyage 200. Since I'm not loading it down with a bunch of shiny crap like last time and just letting it run as it was meant to, it's working pretty well (especially for six-year-old-technology!) and is probably going to replace my V200 for notetaking. Now that's not to say the V200 is beyond primary use- I just can scrape all my 50KB of notes off there (ow, on something with only 100K of non-program storage) and make room for important things like Tetris. Or my own programming projects for when I need quick numerical calculations- like the fourteen-line program (most of it in I/O) to calculate which variant of booze to buy in Puzzle Pirates for best efficiency of money.

The result? Notes for PocketPC OS 4, thoroughly below Windows Mobile, works just fine with OneNote. Exactly what I needed to get my notes vaguely organized, since my PDA works just fine for writing the notes but no software I had was nearly so good for, y'know, keeping the notes.

I'm now checking off "Add fonts to PPC" on my to-do list, copying the highlights of C:\WINDOWS\FONTS into POCKETPC\WINDOWS\FONTS so I've got more than four to choose from. Symbol is a nice one to have available...

So we'll see how well this works for a couple weeks. I'm still wavering between spending $350 (after shipping) on a middle-end iPaq (that at least has wi-fi, which is what I really miss) anyway or just using what I've got and accepting its mediocre speed and whopping 16M of storage capacity. (With OneNote, though, I can easily move notes over to my PC and take them off the portable device, saving room- and I've got a 128M CompactFlash card, as well, that's getting the bulk of things. It's just the fonts and default notes have to be on main memory storage. Bad artifacting, poor design...)

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